Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day - 2016

In the very merry month of May ... good morning world. We slept in until 820 ... but still enjoyed the front door open until 930 when Mark took the Scotties for their walk. 
We've been following James and Anita Tawns on their whirlwind American tour. It makes us want to hook up the RV and head west to see more of our gorgeous national parks! Weather permitting, maybe we will do just that when leaving Canada after summer!

But today, it's Scottie dog baths!
LOL. Poor Robbie ... he hid, but Mark found him behind the recliner. (They sure seem to feel good after a bath. It was crazy dog runs, again!)

This afternoon, we will be watching the NASCAR race. It's Talledega, the big one! Otherwise, a quiet Sunday until we go to dinner at RanDawn's tonight.   

We had a delicious dinner at Randy and Dawn's. He cooked a turkey breast, mashed potatoes and green beans. Plus, Nannies old wooden spoon for stirring the gravy. That's what made it so delicious, he said.

Afterward, we played half a game of Mexican Dominoes.
We had a good laugh when we realized we were all wearing magnetic stainless steel bracelets! Sons of Arthritis bracelets! LOL

We were home before 10. Poor Dawn had a bad cough, and sounded like she was coming down with something. And, she has to work tomorrow! 

Mark and I have dentist appointments tomorrow, but he is going to help Randy at Dawn's house on Tuesday.

So that's it for our Sunday. I hope yours was good. Ta Ta. 

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