Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Guadalajara Date Night - 5/11/16

Good morning from sunny and bright Central Florida. Mark went to help Randy at Dawn's house today while I handled the household chores. You know, the laundry, a little vacuuming, a little tidy up ... it just has to be done. LOL

Painting "Shoelace"on the walls at Dawn's. 

I'm very happy with the art I just purchased from ... especially, the large Betty Carr canvas art. I had a large wall portion to decorate after selling my grandfather clock. When Rick and Ruth were here this spring, they noticed the clock missing and the wall bare. Drat. So, Mark moved the doorbell chime box to the hall wall; we patched and painted then added two new items. The bright new painting came from as I mentioned, and the hand-painted wine bottle holder came from ... hmm, I forget. LOL. As Mark says, lately it's been a box a day in the mail.

Whew! It's already 130, where has the day gone? Mark arrived home about 330 and took two packages to the post office for eBay shipping.

At 5:30 we had drinks with Pat and Ken then went for supper at Guadalajara.  They both enjoyed it, not having found a good Mexican restaurant in the area before. Unfortunately, the Mariachi band was not playing. Wa waaaa.  Tonight, I had the seafood fajita that Randy had raved about before! It was delicious! I would certainly have that again. Both Pat and Ken enjoyed their meals. Afterward, we went for wine at their house. They were dog sitting Kachina for Nancy and Thomas while he had surgery. 

Mark was a magnet for Sadie and Zelda. They are both sweeties!

Mark and I had the once-over when we got home, having visited with three dogs. It was a fun evening, and we settled in to watch some telly with the kids. Ta Ta.  

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