Sunday, May 29, 2016

9 to 5 ... Relaxing 5/29/16

Good morning! It's a 72F sunny start to our day. Bonnie and Roger are on the road ... so it's time to spiff-up our Scotties. 
While I tidied the house and did laundry, Mark stripped the Scotties coats and filed their nails. Afterward, it was their bath time ... in the kitchen sink. BeeZee has caught onto Mark's routine and goes along with it. Robbie's still a wrestler. LOL

Sue and Wayne loved seeing Jim's (Timber Kings) lodge and said "it's over the top grand!" Here's Jim in his kitchen cooking pizzas on his two Pizzazzs! 
Here's another shot of his kitchen ...
I see Bruce there too! Good times at Lake of the Woods!

Bonnie and Roger started their day with a mile hike ... then loaded up and began their drive from Tulsa to us. 
Are we there yet?
I can't wait to snuggle the pups ... Chief and Hana! Aroooo

Ta Ta til tomorrow!

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