Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Eye Doc Day ... 5/18/16

Good morning! Poor Mark has a head cold ... and an appointment with his eye doctor. Yuck. 

It's luncheon day for me ... at Magnolia's!

We Harbor Shores gals carpooled to Magnolia's for our monthly luncheon. It's a good time to catch up with those we don't see on a daily basis! Grace, a gardener, gave me some tips for Randy on growing his tomatoes without using seven dust. That's huge, as aphids love tomato plants. Here's her instructions for a miracle ... huge, ripe, perfect tomatoes in Florida. First, she plants a tomato plant in a (cheap) pail with many holes cut in the sides of it. She adds plenty of compost around the tomato plant, then sprinkles Epson salts on top of the compost. The pail is then put into a hole and watered right to the top of the pail.  To control aphids, she sprays the plants as needed with a basil tea mix! Grace steeps basil in boiling water and let's it cool. Once cool, she strains it and puts the tea into a garden sprayer! Use the tea by spraying the plants as needed to control bugs! Cool, huh?

Mark had good eye pressures at the doctor today! Yay! No drops ... and no surgery; next appointment-6 months! Life is Good! Let's celebrate! (Okay, I had wine but he had DayQuil.) Wha wa waaa!

Our friend Jim has had a tough year and decided to treat himself ...
to a new Mazaratti to park by his new Timber Kings log home! Nice ride! Nice lodge! We're looking forward to seeing you next month Jim. 

Sue and Wayne are loading their coach for a big trip to Canada! (Every year they both say "nothing is going north" but yet two truckloads were packed!) LOL. We do the same thing. Hahaha. 

Mark finished the boathouse repairs ... here's the "before" 
following our boathouse fire. 

And the "after" ...
Nice job! Thank you Marky! Muah!!!

Tonight, Mark's snoozing on the sofa ... the doggies are playing with their kibble dispenser and I'm finishing this while watching the hockey playoffs. It's game 3 ... Go Bolts!

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