Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday! Bowling! 5/6/16

Good morning. What a gorgeous day! Yes, the front door's open, birds are singing and the sun is shining! What more could one ask for? (Well, perhaps my hand could quit aching any day now!) LOL. 

Yesterday, at Yaya's, I heard about a home coming on the market soon. (It might be perfect for R 'n R!)

I phoned Jim for an update on his surgery yesterday. He was at "the cottage" keeping busy, but experiencing quite a lot of pain. Ouch! Hope it heals fast, Jim! (Here's the info on for Diane & Kris ... Jim's is the castle on the cliff.)

Mark and I stopped in to the Humane Society store to drop off donations. Today, I found a couple cute items for the TV stand in the Sunroom. Since we've gone beach/nautical theme, it's easy to find a few shell items around. The ladies were very happy to have donations today as things slowed down since the snowbirds left. (If you have anything ... it's the shop on 473!) 

For a little R and R, we bowled two games today. Neither of us had fantastic games, however I think Mark was in the 170s for his second game! My hand continues to hurt. I've given it more than a month to heal, so it just needs to get over it. Ha!

Tomorrow, we're going to a Kentucky Derby party and taking Texas Caviar with Scoops. It's delicious and nutritious. Here's Mark slicing and dicing!
It's not cheap to make ... about $24-25 but oh so good. Here's the recipe ...

With dinner over, Mark went to Lowe's to pick up fence pickets for the boat House repair. I had a few things on the list as well because I decided to paint the two dark green walls in the living room. The other walls will get a touch up. 

Being Friday, it's an Ancient Aliens marathon on the History channel. So Tata til tomorrow.

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