Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Good afternoon. It's been a crazy day. Well, there are lots of crazy days in life, but this one started at 4 AM. No, the doggies did not wake me up, I woke the doggies! LOL perhaps, I went to bed too early last night at 10:30. Anyway, I watched Hanger One, A series that has branched off from Project Bluebook. Of course now, material and witnesses are more recent. I remember watching this program in the 1960s. Anyway, it was quite interesting and I enjoyed playing free cell solitaire while I watched it for a couple of hours. Of course, Mark and the doggies were still in bed. πŸ‘½

Mark had an eye doctor appointment this morning and then stopped at Lowe's to pick up lumber for his seawall project. I handled the morning routine and then began assembling a fun game for Yaya's on the ninth. That involved a trip to Dollar Tree for a few bits. 

Scottie snuggles ensued, happy hour and dinner. Somehow, evening got away on us. So, more tomorrow. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

Good morning. It was a bright beautiful start to our day. Mark was up early to start breakfast for us all while I tidied up and fed the doggies and organized the day's laundry.

Roddy and Shay were a little slow moving this morning after RanDawn's fantabulous dinner party last night! After breakfast and a re-organization of their property notes (what they'd seen over two days) they loaded up and were off by 10 o'clock for home. We certainly had a fun time and accomplished a lot. They have other towns to look at, as well, and then much to mull over. 

With my chores done I decided to plug in dad's old stereo (I bought it for him about 1988) which Randy had in the Harley room. To my surprise, it works just fine and I wanted a radio for my craft room as I'd just tossed out the 5 year old radio that had gone kaput. Sweet. 

I had been a little concerned that Rocky hadn't been around for two days. But, this afternoon, there he was waiting for worms! Haha. 

Mark decided it was a perfect afternoon to begin leveling and working on the seawall project again. This time, he's using the small boat to work from! It seems easier to me than standing on a plank between two ladders. 


Rick called on FaceTime and we had a good gab. We're looking forward to seeing them this summer, either in BC or Ontario. We'll see how the weather/travel plans go. 

Randy and Dawn phoned around 5 after spending a relaxing day in the sunshine. After supper, Mark and I flopped on the recliners with Scotties to catch-up on TV.  So, Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Good morning! ☀️We were up and out to the Mason Jar for a fabulous breakfast. (Shay said this was the best French Toast EVER!)

Roddy & Shay with the cowboy 🀠 🐸. 

Waiting for a beary long time! 🐻 

We toured about Umatilla looking at property possibilities. After a few hours we headed home to walk the doggies and pack some snacks. 

Boating fun on Lake Eustis while touring a couple waterfront communities. 

Robbie sat with Mark all day! Mz Bee was extra interested in everything today. We saw a Cairn terrier on shore that really caught her attention. Roddy took pictures of several properties that looked interesting. 

We arrived home about 3 o'clock and prepared to go to Randy and Dawn's at five for dinner! Nice! πŸ’•

Cocktails at RanDawn's ... and plenty of laughs! 

Dawn and Roddy had a great conversation about Saints ... but not necessarily the "Staggerman" type. πŸ˜‚

Dawn bamboozeled everyone with a "baby beer" ... liquor 43 and cream. What fun we had. 

Down the hatch! 

We left for home at 10 after a GREAT event. Dinner was excellent ... Dawn's cheesy potatoes, Randy's grilled chicken, and cheesy broccoli. Yummy. We were surprised by cheese cake for dessert. 😍

All in all it was a fab evening. 
Mz BeeZee and her sweet uncle Randy. πŸ’•

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Good morning. Mark and I were up by 8 o'clock straightening out the house and getting the dogs fed and walked. 

It's Isabella's sixth birthday today. 
She's a cutie! 

Our plans for today include showing Rod and Shay around our area.  We went to Mid-Florida Lakes, Scottish Highlands, Lakes at Leesburg and Fox Run.

Rod (figuring out the selfie-stick), Randy, me, Marky & Shay at the Lost Parrot in Mount Dora for MY birthday lunch! (Dawn was working.) 

Mark and Shay at 4 o'clock happy hour. 🍻 Cheers. 

Randy's homemade pea soup was enjoyed by Roddy tonight. 

Mark smoked a "cee-gar" while Roddy and I watched the stars, spotted Mars and wowed Shay. It got chilly at 9 so we headed in to watch (recorded) Steven Colbert. Hilarious. 

TV, more vino and a cheery fire! Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Good day! We've had a busy start to our day readying for Rod and Shay's visit ... and tonight's dinner party. It's quite warm at 81° so I have the air cranking so everybody's comfortable.

There's a good chance Wayne could get out of hospital today. He thought he was feeling quite a lot better. 

Well, it's a day later! Haha. That was some crazy 😜 party. Rod and Shay arrived right at 3 o'clock, on schedule. Everyone else arrived at 5:30 for the dinner party. We all had a blast.

Dawn arrived at 8:30 (after work) to a raucous group! 

Roddy was doing the jive, in his chair. Shay wasn't into that! πŸ˜‚

Ken had a blast! Where's Pat in this pic?

Pat's missing again! Was this a bad selfie 🀳? We were all yelling YeeHaw. πŸ™„

The party wound up around 1130. It's now 10 to 10 and Rod and Shay are still in bed. Hahaha. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Good morning! Our day began with a rainshower followed by sunshine 10 minutes later. After our usual breakfast of sausage and eggs, we headed out to the flea market to buy vegetables for tomorrow's crockpot of chili 🌢. You see, a party is in the works for tomorrow night.

We met Lew and Lynn at the flea market. They love going every Thursday to get their fruits and vegetables. It wasn't as crowded as last week, but still plenty of people there. 

4 Beefsteak tomatoes, 3 green peppers, plus yellow, orange and red peppers, radishes, celery, a quart of blueberries and 4 Vidalia onions = $9 

So, Rod and Shay are arriving tomorrow to have a visit and look around "the area." They had plans to view other areas on their way here but canceled those plans as Shay's been under the weather for a few days. (Medication mixup!) We decided on date night, to have a dinner party and introduce Pat & Ken to Rod & Shay. Since Dawn is working til 8, Randy will join us then pick her up after work. 

Sue called to say Wayne was admitted to hospital today with pneumonia. He's been fighting a sinus infection, then bronchitis and now this. We hope he'll get the right meds and care and be home soon. 

The chili is now cooked, a Razzelberry pie baked and the table set. It's time to relax with our doggies. 

Speaking of doggies, Bonnie has been getting her pack ready for an upcoming show. 

Top left is Chief ... Cabby (BeeZee's brother,) Ella and sweet ol' Percy (Westie) is 16.  ❤

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's a fine start to the day with the front door open and dogs on the porch! 

Rocky came Tap-tap-tapping at our living room window at 7 a.m.  πŸ™„ Oh boy, we've been adopted by a Mockingbird. Last evening during happy hour on the porch, Mark was imitating a bird. When the bird answered, Mark changed the tune a little. The bird answered with the new tune. 😜 Yes, life has gone to the birds! πŸ˜‚

Robbie seems to be feeling better and is interacting with us again. (When he withdraws, he's not well.) Right now he's taken over my lap for a nap.) I expect some play sessions later on. 

Wayne's been down with a sinus infection for a week and is back at the doc's again. Feel better Wayne! 

Tonight is date night! We're picking up Pat and Ken and meeting Randy and Dawn at Puddle Jumper's in Tavares. (Sue says we should find an "adult" place to go! πŸ˜‚). No, Sue, we'd have to behave in an adult place. 😳

Well, PJ's was full so we met at Tiki West instead. It was quiet when we arrived and totally full by the time we left! Dinner was good ... company was excellent! ❤. On the way home, we stopped in Scottish Highlands to see Martha's house. (That is Ken's 88-year-old mother.) Zelda greeted us and gave plenty of kisses. Martha opened a bottle of wine to celebrate her drop in company. 

Zelda, a sweet Boston Terrier. 

Back home, our kids gave us the once-over. We made arrangements for a dinner party on Friday night when our pals Rod and Shay arrive from South Florida. Pat and Ken will join us as will Randy and Dawn. It'll be something simple in the crockpot, like turkey chili. 

Ta Ta til tomorrow. ❤

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Good (wee hours) morning! I had a great sleep but only 4 hours? BeeZee and I put the TV on and watched Rachel Madden on MSNBC. She's quite the dynamo! 

NASA is hosting a special news conference tomorrow at 1 o'clock. We're tuning in, will you? Egad; what might it be? Stars ✨?  Planets 🌎?  Moons  πŸŒ™? Rockets πŸš€? Comets πŸ’«?  Aliens πŸ‘½? 😜

Mark doesn't quite get it when I recall birthdays for those passed on. I cannot resist ... it's my dear ol' dad's special day and that's that. πŸŽ‚❤🍾

It's was Robbie's follow up vet appointment ... and his butt was itchy. Nothing too serious; gland expression and new medication for 2 weeks to calm down his seasonal allergies. All was well, he's a trooper UNTIL we had his nails cut. Oh boy! πŸ™„ It was the Scottish war cry! πŸ˜‚ A couple of treats fixed it all. Mz BeeZee was along for the ride. 

This evening, Mark and I had happy hour on the front porch. Just as we were to go in for dinner, Lew arrived with a glass of wine. Then half an hour later, Lynn arrived. Of course, it ended up being quite a good happy hour party. LOL. Anyway, dinner was good and now we have the doggy sitting on our laps. 

Tomorrow night, rain is forecast! The rain in Spain is mainly on the plane. 🀑

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

Good morning. It's a bright sunny day. Mark cooked Pam and me eggs with sliced tomatoes for our breakfast. What a great husband. (I offered cloning him for Pam but we all thought that would be weird.) πŸ˜‚ 

Mark and Pam left about 815, the first time.  Just as they rounded the corner I noticed Pam left a couple of things on the bathroom vanity. I phoned and they did a quick turnaround and met me on the driveway then were off again about 820. We've had a terrific visit with Pam! Lots of fun! (She's easy-peasy company, for sure!) I must brush up on my bowling before she visits again, though. 😜 🎳 

It's such a lovely afternoon that we ate lunch on the front porch. I'd noticed a tail-less 🦎 by the big ponytail palm earlier. Mz BeeZee noticed it too and gave chase...right into the house! Now we're all looking for the critter! 

Happy Presidents Day! 
Haha. (There were a few Yugo cars in Canada ... and they were NOT fine-tuned machines.) πŸ˜‚ (Thanks for the cartoon Wayne!)

After lunch, Mark made his list of sprinkler supplies and went to Lowe's for retail therapy. It must've been exhausting as he came home for an hours nap. Hee hee. I began a new muddle in my craft room. You see, I had some left over grapevines from another project and decided to make door wreaths. The first one took about three hours because I didn't know what the heck I was doing. Here's the Proto type. 


Pam arrived home safely to a cloudy, dull Minnesota afternoon. (I think it was mild enough, but after being in the Florida sunshine state of mind for a few days it's hard to take!) I told her the story of me leaving Fort Lauderdale's  80°F and arriving in Winnipeg's -30°F. It took me two weeks to sell everything I owned and begin my drive to Florida. It was epic. No regrets. 

As I was washing the front door prepping it for the new wreath, I spotted the missing lizard on the inside of the door. I chased him outside and then he jumped into the old wreath I'd just set on the floor. There was a bit of a dance while lizzie and I decided which way we were each going! Ha! He's safely back in the ponytail palm. Whew! 

Mark just came inside ... the sprinkler pump repaired. Yay. Somehow, the intake pipe was broken ... maybe hit by a boat? Anyway, it's fixed. 

It's TV:30 ... Homeland. Ta Ta. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Good morning. We had a light rain during the night so no front door open this morning! Drat. Mark and Pam left home at 9 o'clock for the drive to Fort Pierce to visit with aunt Alice, cousin Bill, Pam and their two children Emily and Andrew. I'm sure it will be a fun visit and they have promised to take pictures. 

Me? I'm puttering around the house today. We have plans to meet with Randy and Dawn for dinner. 

Aunt Alice and Pam ... ready for lunch out! Alice still drives and lives alone! 

Lunch was very successful! Mark was the hit of the party with 3 year old Andrew! (Of course!)
Lunch at Golden Corral. Lots of fun! (It's so nice aunt Alice has young grandchildren at 92!) We're amazed she's so capable of living around.) The travelers arrived home just before 5 ... in time for snacks and wine. RanDawn arrived at 5:30 for cocktails before our dinner at Stavros. Obviously had a terrific time in Las Vegas and enjoyed visiting hotels and hotspots! Donny and Marie Osmond show was awesome, and Dawn was happy to dance with Donny! At Stavros, Connor was our waiter ... a newbie! Poor guy. We had such fun at his expense, but with a good tip. Ha!

Poor Wayne's home sick tonight with a cough and sinus infection. 
His faithful doggies are on guard for him. Feel better Wayne!

That's all tonight. We're all worn out. πŸ˜œπŸ’€

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Good morning! It was a nice start to our day with sunshine and the front door open. I made strawberry smoothies for our breakfast! RanDawn arrived home after the red-eye from Vegas and went to bed. (So much for a visit and details of their Donny & Marie event.) 

We decided it was bowling day, finally, after a 3 month hiatus. 
Mark got right into his game with a turkey ... ending with 184. Pam hadn't bowled since her last visit and bowled 116. Let's just say I need practice! Yikes! I couldn't pick off a spare on a bet! Haha. (Our bowling alley was packed when we left as there was a tap-out tournament at 1:30)

After bowling, we went to Gators Dockside for a quick lunch. The chair I sat in felt "loosey-goosey" so I switched sides of the table after we ordered drinks. The waitress came with our drink order and was surprised I'd moved. 😜. THAT chair was wobbly with an uneven leg, so after ordering lunch I swapped chairs and ends of the table, all while Mark and Pam laughed. When the poor waitress arrived with our food, she was again surprised! πŸ™„ ... πŸ˜‚ 

Then, back at home, a soft rain began and we all fell asleep watching TV. Robbie grabbed the pink flamingo as his pillow! 
Haha. I guess that's what rainy days cause. It only rained for 45 minutes but by then everyone was sawing logs! πŸ’€ (Mark woke us all with a ginormous snore-snort.) Heehee. 

Pam has been reading an old (favorite) book that was in our guest bedroom, "Coming Home" by Rosamund Pilcher. It's a marathon read, but so delightful. I dug around and found the DVD movie! Maybe we will just relax this evening with a log on the fire (it is 69 out) and watch the movie. 

Tonight's dinner is a combo of leftovers ... pork chops, meatballs and fresh coleslaw plus wine. 🍷

Sue and Wayne are attending (another) National Save the Sea Turtle event, this one in Boca Raton. More tomorrow. 

Now we've 4 remotes in hand and are trying to start the DVD. Haha. Good luck! πŸ™„

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

Good morning sunshine! It's a cool start to our day; the last forecast for this season. (Right now it's 60F.) 

Donny left at 7:15 for Orlando airport and to settle his "tolls." We were all wondering what TSA would say about his "Cliff" painting with an electrical cord hanging out! (Here's our text ...)


Meanwhile, Mark modeled his new shirt, a gift from Pam for completing his treatment. 
Lookin' fly Marky ... with SPF 50 

Rocky was at our living room window first thing today for his mealworms. Haha. Just what this house needed, a mockingbird! So, that wee job morphed into scrubbing the bird baths and refilling the seeders. (Mark calls them feeder-seeders!) πŸ™„

After laundry and a few more chores, we went to Puddle Jumpers in Tavares for lunch. We watched sea planes and boats buzzing around. Mark noticed Lew walking down the dock from quite a distance. I wasn't certain, so Mark phoned him and we watched as he looked for his phone. Haha. Mark was right! It turns out Lew, Lynn and her brother had just gotten up from a table quite near us in the same restaurant. Ha! They had arrived by boat ... we drove. Lovely afternoon! 

Cheers! (We missed Donny who landed in Boston at 3 pm with "the bag" in hand.)


Tonight, Mark cooked big thick pork chops on the grill while Pam and I whipped up baked apples and mushrooms. After we finished dinner, it was Mexican Dominoes time. Mark was the winner ... and I was the big "L" with 503. πŸ˜‚

Randy and Dawn will be home from Las Vegas soon! Here's the latest picture ...

What's up with all the beer Dawn? I'm sure we'll get all the fun news tomorrow. 

Goodnight πŸ’€ 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

WOWSA! It's a perfect flea market day ... sunny and cool(ish) at 64F. Mark and Donny went for veggies while Pam and I went bargain hunting. We all met back with bags of goodies. 

After lunch of burgers and big slices of beefsteak tomatoes, we got into a game of cornhole in the front yard.

Flying high ... home team advantage ... Pam and Donny were tough competition! Maybe next time. 


At 3:30 it was Cigar:30 and Wine:30 on Lake Eustis. (It's Donny's LAST night ... Wha-waaa-waaaaa.)

After dinner, it was Mexican Dominoes night! Mark was the (half) winner at 69. Lots of fun and laughs. 
Robbie said his goodbye to Uncle Donny tonight. (He's up at 6:30 tomorrow and off to the airport ... and 3' of fresh snow.) 😳

RanDawn sent pics of their meet 'n greet with Donny & Marie Osmond in Vegas! 
(I'm betting it was a great show!) We can't wait til they get home and hear all the details. ❤
Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday February 15, 2017

Good morning! 🌞 It's a sunny start to our day but rain is forecast by 4 o'clock. Pam and I went to the ladies luncheon at the Whale's Tail where there were 15 of us ... 4 I didn't know! It was fun talking to them ... one of the new ladies was a drag racer. Cool. You just can't imagine someone's life story by their book's cover. Haha. )I had shrimp, coleslaw and onion rings; all delicious!) Meanwhile, Donny went to Planet Fitness while Mark happily puttered about the house. 

This afternoon we watched a couple Ancient Aliens (all of us!) while it rained heavily for an hour. After feeding the kids, we 4 went to Crazy Gator's for dinner. After a selfie photo op with "the Gator" 
we tried to find a comfortable place to sit. But, alas, it wasn't easy. Haha. One table was "too bright!"  Another had seats too saggy ... and finally a booth that was "just right!" πŸ™„. Dinner was good ... 

Margaritas great. Ha. After dinner we walked the to the docks where the wind whipped up whitecaps. 
Wheeee ...

Back home we got into a few liquors ... 
and a good picture of handsome Donny. πŸ’•

Pam, always gorgeous, picked BeeZee to join the PARTAY! ❤

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Randy and Dawn had a fantastic time at Donnie and Marie Osmond's show. Dawn had a dance with her idol Donnie and loved the show! More later. 

Sue and Wayne checked in for an evening at Coral Ridge Yacht Club. No details but dancing was a certain. 

We're pooped! We still haven't finished watching the dog show! Busy busy. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's a lovely start to our day with sunshine and 75F. Mark whipped up veggie omelettes for our breakfast then we settled into watching the hound group on the Westminster dog show. After Donny saw the dachshunds he headed to the gym for a workout. 

We had a good visit with Jane and Cliff  and their wee doggie Beau last night. 
Beau is a "Chorkie" ... half Chihuahua/half Yorkie. He's absolutely perfect for Jane and Cliff and they dearly love him!  It's nearly a year since they adopted him and his transformation is amazing. He's gained 2 lbs and his coat is in good condition! Good job! (Cliff says "free dog = $1800 vet bill.) πŸΎπŸ’•


Years ago Donny mailed a  post card to Jane & Cliff from a Jamaica vacation. Cliff loves to paint and completes a picture a day often. Here's Donny clutching the bag that Jane packed his new painting in ... another carry on for the plane. What fun we had on the ride home last night. Donny tried to refuse the gift of the painting as he'd have to carry it on the plane. Then Pam piped up and offered to pay to mail it to Donny. Before we knew it, Jane had a bag out of the closet and was cramming the painting into it. πŸ˜‚ (There's an electric cord hanging from the back box attached to the painting to house a light. We were imagining Donny explaining this package to TSA security!) 😳


So, Pam and I are going to game day at Lynn's while Mark and Donny check RanDawn's and water plants for them. Then, the fellas are shopping for our special dinner of steak, scallops and sauce! You see, they're cooking dinner tonight instead of going out on busy VD.  Here's the recipe ...

Pam and I had a blast at Lynn's game day ... 
Florence, Carin, Rose, Pam and Pat ... playing Rummikube. 

Sandra, Elaine, Carol Ann, Phyllis and Sharon playing 10,000. 

Peggy, Deena, Lynn and Carol C playing Sequence. 

The wine was flowing ... music blaring = shenanigans. πŸ˜‚
 We finished up with Pat, Lynn, Deena, Rose, Pam, Sandra and me playing Cards Against Humanity. πŸ˜…

Back home by 5 o'clock we found Mark and Donny contemplating cooking with drinks in hand. 


Mark's cooking steaks while Donny make the salad and cooks scallops! ❤

Dinner was delicious! 
Mark surprised us with scratch off lotto tickets ... but no winners today. 

The finale was Boston Cream pie!
(Donny's from Boston area ... hence the dessert.) 😜

That's it. A great day! Now it's time to relax. Ta Ta.