Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Good morning. Well that was a weird night. The moon was so very bright it woke both of us! (Well likely the refried beans from last night's Mexican had something to do with that too.) I got up and let the dogs out then watched TV. Mark got up about an hour later and wondered why I was up "so early!" It was only 4 o'clock in the morning. Ha ha. I thought it was around seven. I'm telling you, the snow moon was that bright! Ha! What a wacky household. Never mind, we got our chores done and both took a nap.

Sue and Wayne went to breakfast with Rose before taking her to Fort Lauderdale airport. The picture below is from their lunch outing yesterday.
You look great Rose! 

Donny arrived just as I was putting the mop away and Mark was finishing the boat. What great timing. It turns out he arrived Thursday and spent a couple nights with friends in Orlando. After an hour of catching up on news, we had burgers for lunch ... a beer and then homemade chili for dinner just before we left for the Orlando airport to pick up Pam. (Donny stayed with the dogs to watch TV.)  

BeeZee treed a squirrel. It was a gorgeous afternoon!

Pam arrived on time and we had a bottle of wine ready for the drive home. (The plane was full of children going on a Disney cruise!) 
Back at home, Donny and Mz Bee were getting along. Sweet. We all had more chili and wine and yakked. Lots of fun. 

Tomorrow, a boat ride and dinner at Guadalajara with RanDawn. 

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