Sunday, February 19, 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Good morning! It was a nice start to our day with sunshine and the front door open. I made strawberry smoothies for our breakfast! RanDawn arrived home after the red-eye from Vegas and went to bed. (So much for a visit and details of their Donny & Marie event.) 

We decided it was bowling day, finally, after a 3 month hiatus. 
Mark got right into his game with a turkey ... ending with 184. Pam hadn't bowled since her last visit and bowled 116. Let's just say I need practice! Yikes! I couldn't pick off a spare on a bet! Haha. (Our bowling alley was packed when we left as there was a tap-out tournament at 1:30)

After bowling, we went to Gators Dockside for a quick lunch. The chair I sat in felt "loosey-goosey" so I switched sides of the table after we ordered drinks. The waitress came with our drink order and was surprised I'd moved. 😜. THAT chair was wobbly with an uneven leg, so after ordering lunch I swapped chairs and ends of the table, all while Mark and Pam laughed. When the poor waitress arrived with our food, she was again surprised! 🙄 ... 😂 

Then, back at home, a soft rain began and we all fell asleep watching TV. Robbie grabbed the pink flamingo as his pillow! 
Haha. I guess that's what rainy days cause. It only rained for 45 minutes but by then everyone was sawing logs! 💤 (Mark woke us all with a ginormous snore-snort.) Heehee. 

Pam has been reading an old (favorite) book that was in our guest bedroom, "Coming Home" by Rosamund Pilcher. It's a marathon read, but so delightful. I dug around and found the DVD movie! Maybe we will just relax this evening with a log on the fire (it is 69 out) and watch the movie. 

Tonight's dinner is a combo of leftovers ... pork chops, meatballs and fresh coleslaw plus wine. 🍷

Sue and Wayne are attending (another) National Save the Sea Turtle event, this one in Boca Raton. More tomorrow. 

Now we've 4 remotes in hand and are trying to start the DVD. Haha. Good luck! 🙄

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