Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

Good day, eh? It's 68F right now with a gorgeous day in store. It's Mark's LAST radiation treatment and we're ALL going along for the ride; and lunch at Eaton's Beach on Lake Weirsdale. (The doggies are staying home this time.) 

Pam and me on the Eaton Beach boardwalk ... haha, take the damn picture Mark. 😂

Mark and Donny ... 1st cousins. 

Pam on the boardwalk ... wish it had been sunny! 

Using the selfie stick ... lunch was great! Thanks Pam! ❤

Lookin' 😎 with fancy adirondack chairs! 

Donny got adopted by the dusty black cat. Meow!

The little brats at the beach. 💕

Back home, we ate Key Lime pie ... then Donny went to the gym, Pam =  sun tanning, Mark cooking a dog batch and me = blogging. Tonight we've visiting Jane and Cliff for wine. 

Happy birthday to cousin Flo, a ski instructor in Japan this (again) winter. 
You go girl! 🎂 🎿 💕

So RanDawn arrived safely in Las Vegas this afternoon and Mark wondered what "travel tales" they could share. Well, we had a laugh!
(There will be another tale shortly, we're sure.) 😂

Mark cooked his stuffed chicken, potatoes and asparagus for our dinner then we were off to visit Jane and Cliff. More tomorrow. Ta Ta. 

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