Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Good morning. The doggies and I were up by 6 and outside in the cool air. Mark is having a sleep in today! 

It's game night here so Marky went for grocery while I vacuumed and prepped the bar and shortened the "Yuge" dining table to half its size. Now all 7 will be able to reach the hub with dominoes. 

Mark surprised me with a birthday cake and candles! Fun! ❤ (The cake was so delicious!)

We had such fun playing dominoes ... me, Nancy & Pat. Along with dominoes there was much singing and a little dancing. Haha. Ken hadn't played before and caught on quickly!  (He liked it!) 

Randy and Dawn came on the motorcycle ... and it was chilly for them going home at midnight! (Dawn took many mini-vacations during the game ... is it my turn already???) 😂. She had a good idea for next PARTAY night ... writing down the funny saying during the evening and reading them aloud later. Haha. There were some dandies tonight. 

By 2 we were finally off to bed.  What a fun night. 

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