Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Good (wee hours) morning! I had a great sleep but only 4 hours? BeeZee and I put the TV on and watched Rachel Madden on MSNBC. She's quite the dynamo! 

NASA is hosting a special news conference tomorrow at 1 o'clock. We're tuning in, will you? Egad; what might it be? Stars ✨?  Planets 🌎?  Moons  🌙? Rockets 🚀? Comets 💫?  Aliens 👽? 😜

Mark doesn't quite get it when I recall birthdays for those passed on. I cannot resist ... it's my dear ol' dad's special day and that's that. 🎂❤🍾

It's was Robbie's follow up vet appointment ... and his butt was itchy. Nothing too serious; gland expression and new medication for 2 weeks to calm down his seasonal allergies. All was well, he's a trooper UNTIL we had his nails cut. Oh boy! 🙄 It was the Scottish war cry! 😂 A couple of treats fixed it all. Mz BeeZee was along for the ride. 

This evening, Mark and I had happy hour on the front porch. Just as we were to go in for dinner, Lew arrived with a glass of wine. Then half an hour later, Lynn arrived. Of course, it ended up being quite a good happy hour party. LOL. Anyway, dinner was good and now we have the doggy sitting on our laps. 

Tomorrow night, rain is forecast! The rain in Spain is mainly on the plane. 🤡

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