Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Patrick ... June 30, 2016

It's the wee hours and I'm wide awake watching a spooky movie ... "The Gift." Meanwhile, in Oxfordshire, England, my cousin Patrick Tawns is competing in the Henley Royal Regatta.

Pat's the first rower on the right ... I'm sure there's a name for his position. 

Pat's mom, Mel is there watching ... and it looks very excitingly posh. 
You can see Str P. Tawns on the program. Cool. 

On the homefront, it was a fun game day with much hilarity ... and oodles of wine. We played several rounds of Rummikub with 2 sets as there were 8 of us. Rose's granddaughter Meghan, 17, joined us. It was interesting talking to her. She's a gifted student with plenty of ambition. There was a 70 year age span between the oldest and youngest gamers! Mz BeeZee made her rounds and decided Carol, post op shoulder surgery, needed her devotion today. Robbie guarded the front door while we rabble rousers carried on in the Sunroom. (The doggies had treats of carrots, cheese and crackers.) Haha. 

It was a great day for Dawn as her house closing went through smoothly. Yeehaw! Excellent! We celebrated with wings and fries at Crazy Gators. (Flats, extra crispy with medium Buffalo sauce!) 

That was our day. Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

You're the Man ... June 29, 2016

Good morning ... what's up? It's going to be a busier day here. Mark ... working on our boathouse slip project ... me, prepping for tomorrow's game day festivities. 

It's already 79 at 8 o'clock and going to 88 ... and I'm happy my job will be in the A/C. Haha! 

You know those lever, easier to open door handles? Well, it's true! They are easier to open!
Hey, may I come in? It's unbearably hot today. LOL

Mark came in for lunch at noon ... exhausted. Rain is predicted (again) this afternoon ... it would be nice. 
Hooray. We did get an hour of rain while we were eating lunch. Perfect timing. Mark went back to his boat house project after he cooled off. Then Lew dropped in to see what was going on and to bring me a Trailer Life 75th anniversary edition magazine. Nice. Thanks! There are some cool pictures in there of the vintage Winnebagos ... we used to call them toasters! Haha. 

I did the nitpicky cleaning, but more importantly, chilled the wine and set up the Sunroom for game day. It's sure to be a smaller group as many are away on holidays! I was hoping Dawn would join us, but she has her house real estate closing tomorrow! Yay! (She's been quite stressed over the house sitting empty for several months!) 

Today, Sue and Wayne have Ron's crew installing metal (me'al, as Mark says) roofs on the man cave and garage. We won't recognize the place next summer! Wowsa! They've made a lot of changes this year.

At 5 o'clock, I went to check on Mark ... balancing on his ladder scaffold. He's going to be very tired and sore tonight! 
I like to watch his inventiveness learned from years of working on elevators! Egad. I wish I could kneel down ... there's absolutely no way for me after knee replacements. 

We had such a laugh this afternoon when Mark's birthday cards, yes two of them, arrived from Pam. Apparently she wrote them shortly after her foot operation while  popping OxyCodons for pain. LOL (See for yourself.) 
And here's where the fun starts ...
Heehee ... Mark wishes to thank his doubly-awesome sister Pam. 

It's now happy hour, and time to wind- down and cook dinner. I suspect tonight won't be much but walking the doggies when it cools down. (Mz BeeZee gets her exercise when Mark is working outside as she doesn't recognize him and goes all guard-dog.) LOL

Ta Ta til tomorrow ...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Great Scott ... June 28, 2016

Good morning! Our slightly crazy neighbor is cutting his grass at 7 o'clock ... with an oxygen canister in tow! We think this is a job for a lawn service when you're elderly ... and waiting for a double lung and heart transplant. Steve told me that he could afford it but needs "something to do." As Randy always says, "Old people get goofy!"

This afternoon, Mark and I bowled a couple of games. At Breakpoint Lanes in the summertime, kids bowl free. We expected the place to be overrun, but it wasn't!! Heck, we were noisier than the kids! Mark bowled 154, his average, on both games, and I did 85 on one and 123 on the other game. We should have had a third game as we were both loosened up by then. Haha. But, we had other errands to run and wanted to get home before afternoon thunderstorms (which, once again, we didn't get!)

Cousins Melanie and Miles arrived safely in the UK ... and went sightseeing and lunch.
I wonder what the feeling is after the Brexit vote majority win. Miles, age 11, is good-looking and very grown up now. 

Randy phoned to check in about 4 o'clock and we heard Scott arrived home to Connecticut safely. Of course Dawn was working today ... and Randy was prepping for his storage building delivery later in the week. 

Sue and Wayne had another all night thunderstorm much worse than was forecast. Mark googled a site where they could get more accurate weather info online for Lake of the Woods and spotted another storm headed their way from the northwest. Yikes ... the month of June has been a rough one in their area. 

It's just amazing the health benefits gleaned from my friend Roger C. on Facebook ...

LOL. Good one!  Did I mention Bonnie & Roger have chosen a house painter ... and the job begins Friday. I look forward to before and after pics guys! 

The Scotties had two good walks today and an hour of rawhide chewing for fun. The repairman from Fairbanks arrived and the kids barked and carried on ... more fun. LOL. 

How was your Tuesday?

Monday, June 27, 2016

A Dog Day ... June 27, 2016

Good morning. I was surprised by 73° when I took the kids outside at 7 o'clock. So, we sat on the front porch and waited for the squirrels.
Except for the birds, our neighborhood was silent. 

Mark took a drive to Randy's with Da Mountie to move a few trailers about on his extra lot. A big modular storage "shed" will be delivered sometime this week! It'll be a dandy job organizing and filling it.

Sue and I caught up on news today. They've had two full days of rain at the cottage with some areas getting 6 inches! While we were talking, a hummingbird hit their big front window. 
Wayne scooped up the bird and after 5 minutes it was able to fly away. 

Mostly, it was a putter day! We both went grocery shopping and arrived home, done for the day by 3 o'clock. Robbie needed his lip treated ... he rubbed it too enthusiastically on something and now has a sore spot. (Now yesterday's NASCAR race is on the Telly while Mark snoozes!) LOL, yep it's that exciting. Haha. 

Tonight, while walking our Scotties, we saw a neighbor's Beagle tearing around the 'hood. We've seen Cooper out before as he's a digger and escape artist. But also we saw him out at 1 o'clock! I went to their neighbor's ... and was told they're away for "a few days." WTF is wrong with people? I checked with another neighbor who said "I know nothing!" So, we got a pail of water and dog food and Mark drove down the street with it. In addition to the poor Beagle, there's a cat sitting in their backyard. I could call the Humane Society right away but will give these idiots a chance to straighten up. It's not going to be a social homecoming for them! Another neighbor made some phone calls and discovered the mother-in-law is "supposed to be" feeding the animals ... but it was already 8 pm and no one around! Grrrr ... they had no water in 90 heat! (If the dog was friendly we'd bring him home, but we can't catch him. Poor guy is only about 2 years old!) 
That's it for tonight. We'll feed him in the morning if there's no evidence of a bowl about the premises! 

Ta Ta til tomorrow!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

HAPPY HAPPY ... JUNE 26, 2016

Good morning! It's a warm start to our day at 77F ... forecast to be 90. It's summertime!
It was fun celebrating with you last night!
Enjoy your special day ... starting with breakfast out! Muah!

Happy Birthday to dear Jim! We hope you are enjoying a perfect day at Lake of the Woods with family and friends! Wish we were there to celebrate with you. Muah!

Mark thought he'd get a head start on his project shopping before it's too hot. He's off to Lowes for more wood! He didn't realize the store wasn't open til 8. 

It's now 5:30 and 82F after rain (which missed us again.) It was a day of eBay listing and selling plus housekeeping. (I host game day this Thursday!) 

Dawn gave Scott a much needed haircut then he was on his way north to Connecticut. 
Lookin' fly! Safe travels buddy! 

Afterward, RanDawn went to the Hideaway for music and fun. We're meeting them at Stavros at 6:30. 

Wow, dinner was great! We couldn't believe how busy Stavros was! Nonstop people coming in right up to 8 o'clock. 

Now we're home for the evening with the kids! I hope your day was great too!

Ta ta

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Kris's Birthday ... June 25, 2016

Good morning! We're moving a wee bit slow after a pool party last night. LOL 
We sure had fun ... but we must get to the bottom of Lynn's "sheep" story. Lew got so agitated he was splashing her so she couldn't tell us. LOL

Tonight ... it's Texas Roadhouse for Kris & Dawn's birthday celebration. Dawn's is really tomorrow.) 

Sue and Wayne sent a link to a utube 35 minute video on Canada's "Lake of the Woods" region. It's fascinating! Years before Sue and Wayne bought a cottage near Clearwater Bay, we went often with a flotilla of boats from RMYC (yacht club) friends. We'd trailer the 100 miles and launch in Kenora, Ontario. There was much navigating, shore lunches and overnights tied to a rock with plenty of partying. Fun times. 

Randy, Dawn and Scott came by at 4 for happy hour wine before going to Diane & Kris's in The Villages. Dawn was given a "nice" birthday card that Randy read out loud, just like Dad would. LOL

At the restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, Diane had pre-signed for a table so we got right in! It was so nice to get together over good food and have some laughs. The birthday gag there is to sit on saddle while we all yelled YEEHAW. LOL

Dawn would have rather had a root canal but, as Randy said, HE had to sing to get into the family. 

Kris got on right after Dawn. YEEHAW ... Giddy up. 

Afterwards, the four of them went to Townsquare to listen to music while Mark and I headed home for the doggies.  Ta Ta til tomorrow! 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Makin' Bacon ... June 24, 2016

It's a great day here in Central Florida (but HOT) ... but a lousy day for my Scottish & English family in the UK. If you've ever fancied a trip there, today's your day to buy £. 

On the homefront, we have two family birthdays being celebrated tomorrow night, at the Texas Roadhouse. Kris's birthday is tomorrow, the 25th, and Dawn's is Sunday the 26th. Cool beaners! I whipped up a couple of items in my craft room, and now Mark and I are off shopping. 

The Scotties had a nice grooming this morning and early walk before it got too hot on the pavement. Actually, our hardtop here is primarily shell-rock which is a beige color, so not too hot on the feet. I actually put ice cubes in my birdbaths at this time of year. Our wildlife critters need a break too.

Speaking of wildlife, have you seen the New Jersey Black bear, Pedals?
A fund has been set up on Facebook for donations to get Pedals into a wildlife sanctuary. She is very underweight and has two useless front paws so walks on her hind legs like a human. So far, $15,000 has been raised. 

After shopping ... Lynn phoned to invite us for a swim which turned into a coup ... we girls refused to get out of the pool. LOL. Mark went home for our roasted chicken while Lew cooked sweet potatoes. We had a fun impromptu patio party ... then back into the pool. Haha. 

Now, back home and back to normal  ... it's TV time with the kids. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Boat Slippin' ... June 23, 2016

Good morning from Central Florida. Mark was out working on the boat house project fairly early, trying to beat the heat.
Yesterday, he did the front section where the steps are. They will need to be re-faced, too. 
Here's the same shot taken today, about 2 o'clock. I was afraid the facing would lessen the width of our boathouse appreciably, but we will still have 6 inches on either side of the boat. I guess this is plenty as I don't think we have that much in the RVport. Ha ha. 
Mark started on the opposite side now. How do you like his scaffolding? It's pretty friggin scary considering he saw two 5' alligators swim past the boat (in the canal.)
I ain't skeerd of gators (his words!) hahaha but he is wearing an 8" knife on his belt! 
As you see, our boat is blocking the entrance to the slip. However, the gators will just swim under it if they want to! Yikes! Never mind, the seawall will look terrific when he's finished the project.

Sue sent a picture of their new patio set at the cottage.
It looks beautiful. We don't see much red furniture in Florida as it would tend to fade to pink after just a season! Shades of blue stand up to the Florida sun much better. Tonight, they are entertaining on the porch ...
Hmmm, I wonder if Wayne made his hummus? LOL

Well that's it for today! Alone is on tonight ... Ta Ta. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hither 'n Yon ... June 22, 2016

Good morning. I have a few helter-skelter pictures to post from hither and yon. 

When Sue and Wayne were in Winnipeg last weekend, they visited Aurelia, Tony and Chessie. 
Here is dear Chessie, sitting at the table for happy hour of bread and wine. No, I don't think he drinks, but you never know. Ha ha. I told Sue that I thought mom took the picture since half of Tony's head is missing. LOL. Nice shot Sue. It would have been nice to have a picture of all three ... but that is what I had to work with. King Chessie! Muah! (Tony bakes "THE BEST PEACH PIE!")

Bonnie and Roger enjoyed their deck last night with the pups. Although it's all a blur, this is Chief, Hana and Ella "relaxing" poolside. 
Perhaps relaxing is not the correct word. Haha. There appears to be one sabertooth tiger in the lot. LOL (They are all sweet Scotties and love to cuddle ... but this is their fun time!)

We slept until 6 o'clock when BeeZee wanted to go out ... and then into bed with us. Robbie wasn't interested in snuggles today. So the three of us fell asleep until 830. Bee is such a sweet Scottie! After watching the news and having coffee or DSO, I fed the kids while Mark went to Home Depot and Lowes. The boathouse project kicked his butt yesterday, so today is just picking up supplies for tomorrow's work. You know, you just don't want to overdo things when you're retired and you don't have a schedule! LOL

During the spring, Wayne's son Ron worked on the boat house rebuild at Lake of the Woods.  The stained-glass windows have been installed. Here's a picture of one of them.
If we're lucky, will get a picture of the boathouse taken from the water one of these days. (Hint). The BH looks great! 

Mark and I just couldn't get any get up and go today to do any major projects. We both puttered around and did a few things, but mostly chilled out. Lew phoned and needed to borrow a needle valve to inflate a ball for his 2 grandsons visit. Randy and Scott are dropping over for happy hour shortly.
A sweet ride ... a Street Glide ... RanDawn's new Harley ... and it has GPS! 

So we had a glass of wine and caught up on Scott's adventures in South Florida. Apparently there was a mix-up with the South Florida bowling group's gutter ball trophy! Sue earned it fair and square but FAILED to proudly display it all summer at the lake! Greg B was miffed! LOL. Randy was only allowing Scott one drink, and then it was away home to prepare dinner for Dawn. (Poor Dawn is at work.) Wha-wa!

Roddy and Shay called as we were having happy hour. We chatted for a few minutes but made a phone call back at 6 after the guys had left for home. Shay has a menu ready for their August visit. Chili Rellenos are on the list! Yum!

Sue and Wayne arrived home from dinner and found a wolf by their driveway at the cottage. Yikes! Bears are one thing ... wolves, I'm not sure of the danger level. 

Haha. Our neighbor just came over to say WE had a bear last night that knocked down their fence. So, that's our news for today. Ta Ta. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Porch Sittin' ... June 21, 2016

It was a front door open morning at 64F ... in late June! Nice! The high today reached 87F. 
Birds singing, squirrels eating breakfast in the feeder and two sweet Scotties enjoyed it all with me. 

Mark decided today he'd work on the boathouse slip project. (He's lining the walls of the slip with pressure-treated wood to freshen it and so we can glide in easier than our present method.) Later, the seawall will get a needed facelift. 

Randy hoped to get the new bike today, but ran into a "missing" paperwork snafu ... the old bike's title so had to get a copy at the DMV. Bummer.  We were looking forward to seeing them tonight. Scott's expected to arrive later tonight on his eventual trip north to Connecticut. 

I worked on my eBay sales project, the doggies enjoyed rawhides for an hour, and then Mark and I sat down to watch a movie, "Fifty Shades of Grey."

I don't know why this tickled me so, but I do have one friend in particular that this fits, maybe two, plus 1 that passed away years ago. 
Heehee. Both will recognize themselves and be proud. LOL. Being "normal" is overrated. 

This was last night's Strawberry Moon ... NYC framed it nicely! It was the first full moon on the summer solstice since 1967!

Deadliest Catch has a 2 hour (13th) season opener. We're glued to the Telly.  Ta Ta. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer ... June 20th, 2016

Good morning from the land of endless summer! It's a beautiful start to our day ... Sunshine (low humidity) and 75F ... and a daytime high of 86! Sweet. 

Florida has so many license plate choices! There are currently 23 environmental ones ... 55 special interest ... 36 universities ... all military branches ... all pro sports; plus Florida's original "oranges". Cool, eh?

Today we got down to business. Mark cleaned water lines on "Mrs R B" after yesterday's canal adventures.  The Blue Heron canal was pretty muddy at the end and we couldn't turn around our 26' ... Oops ... so Mark backed us out the 1/2 mile. After that fun, he shopped at Lowes for our next project ... updating our seawall and boathouse slip. That will take some time! 

I've been nursing a heel spur so kept myself busy by making a few jewelry items for Ebay sales. I put the A/C on in my craft room ... gave the Scotties their favorite treat, rawhides and puttered away.

Bonnie sent a cute pic of new fluorescent collars ... for puppies Chief & Hana. 

(Imagine! They're standing still!) LOL. The collars are very nice! 

After a pizzazz dinner of shrimp and fries, we sat down to watch "Man from UNCLE" which Mark enjoyed ... heehee. 

Ta Ta. Enjoy the full moon tonight ... 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cool and Breezy ... June 19, 2015

Good morning from 79° breezy Central Florida. For the next few days, our humidity levels will be low, so boating we shall go! Yay. 

Here are a few pictures from Les and Lynne's 50th wedding anniversary party in Winnipeg yesterday!
Ready to party ... our good pals, Lynne & Les 

Jen & Brian hosted the festivities at their lovely riverfront home. 

Yes, the big 5-0! Congratulations! 

Yacht Club friends at this table with Wayne on the right. 

This afternoon, we took the boat for a 2 hour cruise and putted down canals in our neighborhood. 
There were numerous herons out today including the oldest one we've ever seen! 
This heron has the most beautiful plumage. Sorry I took this picture at a great distance. Mark didn't want to putt through the Lillypads again. LOL

Randy and Dawn have headed to South Florida for a couple nights at friends Greg and Sue's while Randy gets dental work done. Dawn has taken it under advisement from me and is now celebrating her birthday for the entire month of June. I'm sure she'll be out shopping for something to match that new motorcycle! LOL

Sue and Wayne arrived back at their cottage after a couple of nights in Winnipeg. 

Pam, (Mark's sister) is recovering from foot surgery last week. She was considering meeting us in Asheville towards the end of July, so we've invited her to come visit and travel with us. Why not? She's off for summer. ;-)

That's it for today. We're going to relax tonight and watch golf. It doesn't get much quieter than that. Ta Ta.