Thursday, June 9, 2016

YaYa's at Meredyth's ... 6/9/16

You'd think it was a chilly morning from this picture!
Apparently Mz BeeZee likes to sleep on the sofa with a blankie. LOL. She's so cute!

Meanwhile, at the OTHER end of the sofa ... and on the hard, cold floor ...
Robbie, airing it out. LOL

Mark slept 10 hours last night and felt better today. I had some errands to run so he and the doggies came along for a ride. After errands it was a Sonic lunch; or so we thought. In Oklahoma we loved Sonic and have tried to patronize our local Eustis, Florida Sonic. It's not easy though. Our last visit resulted in poorly mixed, gritty milkshakes ... and today, we waited 15 minutes for our order and watched a dozen cars pick up their drive through orders! Finally, we gave up waiting and went to Hardees! There, we got our lunch in 2 minutes and it was gre8t.

Hey, my cousin Alex is available for hire ... he has book illustrations under his belt ... 

Cool, eh! 

Tonight, it was a group of 12 for YaYa's. Meredyth made tacos and fixin's with tomatoes from her garden! The watermelon Jell-O shots were too good! Carin tried to tell us about Carol Ann's "Soldier surgery". LOL
It was a fun night! 
The Jello-Shots were on the watermelon! 

Now it's Telly time with Mark and the Scotties! Ta Ta  


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