Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dinner Party ... June 1, 2016

Good morning! Mark made bacon 'n eggs for our breakfast! After, he and Roger made a run to ABC Liquor for Black & White Scotch! Not only a good looking bottle label, but smooth Scotch! 

Bonnie trimmed Robbie & BeeZee and made them look great. (I intended to take pictures and post them, but the day got away on me!) 

We watched a couple of Ancient Aliens and before you know it ... 4 o'clock. Randy and Dawn arrived for happy hour. Her right arm is painful due to tennis elbow! (I think it's time she seeks professional help. It's been going on for nearly 3 months and yesterday she looked exhausted by it ... maybe a steroid shot?)

Mark cooked a fantastic dinner with Caesar salad, and stuffed chicken breasts with red potatoes. Everyone enjoyed it. Since it's Rogers's first trip to Florida, we had to have Keylime pie for dessert! And yes, he liked it!

Afterward, we got into a game of Mexican dominoes that lasted until midnight. It was lots of fun. Randy never fails to entertain with his forgetfulness. LOL. We had dogs on our laps ... puppies chewing up their beds and delightful bedlam. 

When Mark and I went to bed, Bonnie and Roger went in the hot tub. 

Ta Ta til tomorrow!

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