Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer ... June 20th, 2016

Good morning from the land of endless summer! It's a beautiful start to our day ... Sunshine (low humidity) and 75F ... and a daytime high of 86! Sweet. 

Florida has so many license plate choices! There are currently 23 environmental ones ... 55 special interest ... 36 universities ... all military branches ... all pro sports; plus Florida's original "oranges". Cool, eh?

Today we got down to business. Mark cleaned water lines on "Mrs R B" after yesterday's canal adventures.  The Blue Heron canal was pretty muddy at the end and we couldn't turn around our 26' ... Oops ... so Mark backed us out the 1/2 mile. After that fun, he shopped at Lowes for our next project ... updating our seawall and boathouse slip. That will take some time! 

I've been nursing a heel spur so kept myself busy by making a few jewelry items for Ebay sales. I put the A/C on in my craft room ... gave the Scotties their favorite treat, rawhides and puttered away.

Bonnie sent a cute pic of new fluorescent collars ... for puppies Chief & Hana. 

(Imagine! They're standing still!) LOL. The collars are very nice! 

After a pizzazz dinner of shrimp and fries, we sat down to watch "Man from UNCLE" which Mark enjoyed ... heehee. 

Ta Ta. Enjoy the full moon tonight ... 

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