Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Great Scott ... June 28, 2016

Good morning! Our slightly crazy neighbor is cutting his grass at 7 o'clock ... with an oxygen canister in tow! We think this is a job for a lawn service when you're elderly ... and waiting for a double lung and heart transplant. Steve told me that he could afford it but needs "something to do." As Randy always says, "Old people get goofy!"

This afternoon, Mark and I bowled a couple of games. At Breakpoint Lanes in the summertime, kids bowl free. We expected the place to be overrun, but it wasn't!! Heck, we were noisier than the kids! Mark bowled 154, his average, on both games, and I did 85 on one and 123 on the other game. We should have had a third game as we were both loosened up by then. Haha. But, we had other errands to run and wanted to get home before afternoon thunderstorms (which, once again, we didn't get!)

Cousins Melanie and Miles arrived safely in the UK ... and went sightseeing and lunch.
I wonder what the feeling is after the Brexit vote majority win. Miles, age 11, is good-looking and very grown up now. 

Randy phoned to check in about 4 o'clock and we heard Scott arrived home to Connecticut safely. Of course Dawn was working today ... and Randy was prepping for his storage building delivery later in the week. 

Sue and Wayne had another all night thunderstorm much worse than was forecast. Mark googled a site where they could get more accurate weather info online for Lake of the Woods and spotted another storm headed their way from the northwest. Yikes ... the month of June has been a rough one in their area. 

It's just amazing the health benefits gleaned from my friend Roger C. on Facebook ...

LOL. Good one!  Did I mention Bonnie & Roger have chosen a house painter ... and the job begins Friday. I look forward to before and after pics guys! 

The Scotties had two good walks today and an hour of rawhide chewing for fun. The repairman from Fairbanks arrived and the kids barked and carried on ... more fun. LOL. 

How was your Tuesday?

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