Saturday, June 25, 2016

Kris's Birthday ... June 25, 2016

Good morning! We're moving a wee bit slow after a pool party last night. LOL 
We sure had fun ... but we must get to the bottom of Lynn's "sheep" story. Lew got so agitated he was splashing her so she couldn't tell us. LOL

Tonight ... it's Texas Roadhouse for Kris & Dawn's birthday celebration. Dawn's is really tomorrow.) 

Sue and Wayne sent a link to a utube 35 minute video on Canada's "Lake of the Woods" region. It's fascinating! Years before Sue and Wayne bought a cottage near Clearwater Bay, we went often with a flotilla of boats from RMYC (yacht club) friends. We'd trailer the 100 miles and launch in Kenora, Ontario. There was much navigating, shore lunches and overnights tied to a rock with plenty of partying. Fun times. 

Randy, Dawn and Scott came by at 4 for happy hour wine before going to Diane & Kris's in The Villages. Dawn was given a "nice" birthday card that Randy read out loud, just like Dad would. LOL

At the restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, Diane had pre-signed for a table so we got right in! It was so nice to get together over good food and have some laughs. The birthday gag there is to sit on saddle while we all yelled YEEHAW. LOL

Dawn would have rather had a root canal but, as Randy said, HE had to sing to get into the family. 

Kris got on right after Dawn. YEEHAW ... Giddy up. 

Afterwards, the four of them went to Townsquare to listen to music while Mark and I headed home for the doggies.  Ta Ta til tomorrow! 

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