Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bowled Over ... June18, 2016

Good day! We were both up fairly early ... the sun's shining, it's breezy with a HIGH of 81 today. Sweet!

Mark phoned Randy to see whether he wanted to meet us for Bowling at 1 o'clock. Yay ... It's a date. We thought maybe Scott would be in town but he had delayed his visit until next week. Dawn's at work ... but unable to bowl because of tennis elbow. :-(

Diane posted a great picture yesterday ... apparently "gluten free" agrees with her. 
Looking good Diane!  (Good genes!)

Randy and Mark were hot stuff bowling today! R bowled 136 & 167!!! M bowled 172 & 190!!! Wowsa! Me, not so hot ... 118 & whaaa waaaaa 85. LOL
Of course we had a BLAST. Plenty of antics ... and Randy liked the music so he was gettin' jiggy. Heehee.

Big news from Randy today! The stars aligned and he bought a new motorcycle! His Fat Boy Harley was 14 years old ... it was time for a new, more comfortable one to enjoy with Dawn. 
It's at the shop getting a backrest installed. Sweet ride ... and great color! (Mark thinks that Randy is having rhinestones put on the saddlebags to match Dawn's new jeans!) LOL

Sue and Wayne are in Winnipeg for Les and Lynne's 50th anniversary party, as I mentioned yesterday. It's a hot day for their party, but no rain forecast! 

Sue had time to visit Crystal, Avery and Darlene today. (Avery was making shy.)
It's 6 months since my nephew Gregg passed away.  It's nice to see his family doing okay. (Mark and I planned on being there, but it didn't work out this summer.) Tomorrow, I'll post pics from Sue of L & L's party! Their son and daughter-in-law, Brian and Jen are hosting! They have a beautiful old house on Henderson Highway on the river! Cheers! 

It was such a nice day here ... we sat on our porch for happy hour where it was 73F.  Extra nice at this time of year!
We all enjoyed sitting out and watching the birds and the squirrels! Right kids? Notice our flamingo doormat that Bonnie and Roger brought us. :-)))

Speaking of Bonnie and Roger, they sent this picture to us last night!
It's looks like we missed Mexican Train Dominoes night ... and deliciously smooth scotch. Aroooo. Today, they've gone to celebrate Roger's son's 17th birthday! Happy birthday Dylan. 

It's time to relax and watch some TV with the doggies! Ta Ta.  

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