Thursday, June 23, 2016

Boat Slippin' ... June 23, 2016

Good morning from Central Florida. Mark was out working on the boat house project fairly early, trying to beat the heat.
Yesterday, he did the front section where the steps are. They will need to be re-faced, too. 
Here's the same shot taken today, about 2 o'clock. I was afraid the facing would lessen the width of our boathouse appreciably, but we will still have 6 inches on either side of the boat. I guess this is plenty as I don't think we have that much in the RVport. Ha ha. 
Mark started on the opposite side now. How do you like his scaffolding? It's pretty friggin scary considering he saw two 5' alligators swim past the boat (in the canal.)
I ain't skeerd of gators (his words!) hahaha but he is wearing an 8" knife on his belt! 
As you see, our boat is blocking the entrance to the slip. However, the gators will just swim under it if they want to! Yikes! Never mind, the seawall will look terrific when he's finished the project.

Sue sent a picture of their new patio set at the cottage.
It looks beautiful. We don't see much red furniture in Florida as it would tend to fade to pink after just a season! Shades of blue stand up to the Florida sun much better. Tonight, they are entertaining on the porch ...
Hmmm, I wonder if Wayne made his hummus? LOL

Well that's it for today! Alone is on tonight ... Ta Ta. 

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