Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday ... June 10, 2016

What a silly night! Mark was up at 3 to watch the end of the hockey game ... came back to bed and told me a fire truck and ambulance had been at our neighbor's ... so I got up to watch the rest of NASA's Unexplained Files! (Our neighbor had a gallbladder stone attack!)

Good morning, officially. Ha! I went back to bed til 9 when BeeZee came bounding in to wake me. Mark fell asleep in his recliner watching TV, so either way, we got a little more sleep. Ha!

Mark's fever is down, so he is officially feeling better and is on the mend. Actually, he did a little job outside for about a half hour but came in totally drenched. It's still very muggy after that tropical storm went through on Monday and Tuesday! Our local weather forecast keeps saying drier air is moving in, but the system keeps pulling in from the Gulf of Mexico. We haven't had rain, just mugginess! Yuck! 

Randy and Dawn checked in and are coming over later. We're going to Stavros for supper. Otherwise, it's just a relaxing day here! A new offer came in the mail for Xfinity X1 from Comcast. (We've been wishing to have music channels in the Sunroom.) The new upgrade will include a second DVR so we can watch recorded shows in the sunroom as well.  It allows 5 shows to be recorded at one time plus watch live TV. I don't think we need to record five shows at a time, but right now our current system only allows two. Also, our Internet speed will increase from 3 mpb to 75 mpb. That's huge, and will be appreciated by all our winter guests!  Of course more money is involved, but it's just part of our entertainment being retired. Since we're home for the summer, the best way for us to beat the heat is to be entertained in the air conditioning. Oh yeah!

Stavros dinner was fun. Both Dawn and I ordered Alfredo shrimp on linguine, and both Mark and Randy ordered mushrooms over spaghetti. Twin-twins! LOL. Afterward, we came home to play Mexican Dominoes. We thought we were just going to play half a game, but Dawn won the first 4 rounds that we just had to keep playing! LOL  Of course that involved many laughs, wine, Sambuca and finally Grand Marnier. Wow. Perhaps that was a PARTAY?
4 Rounds won by Donegan! (Who's turn is it? It's Dawn's-again!") LOL

Have you watched James Corden carpooling with the stars? He's hilarious. We put a few skits on for Randy and Dawn ... Dawn was hooked. Now they have another show to record ... The Late Late Show! 

BeeZee and Robbie joined the fun tonight and watched from barstools. Sweet! They had special treats from their aunt Bonnie! 
After much laughter, Randy and Dawn left at 11:45. We are invited for dinner tomorrow night to enjoy Randy's homemade chicken tortilla soup! (Count us in!) 

Well, that was quite a busy evening. We heard that Sue and Wayne were playing Mexican Dominoes on their porch tonight in Canada. Bonnie and Roger arrived home safely to Tulsa, fed the 5 kids and are now enjoying a late night happy hour.

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