Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cool and Breezy ... June 19, 2015

Good morning from 79° breezy Central Florida. For the next few days, our humidity levels will be low, so boating we shall go! Yay. 

Here are a few pictures from Les and Lynne's 50th wedding anniversary party in Winnipeg yesterday!
Ready to party ... our good pals, Lynne & Les 

Jen & Brian hosted the festivities at their lovely riverfront home. 

Yes, the big 5-0! Congratulations! 

Yacht Club friends at this table with Wayne on the right. 

This afternoon, we took the boat for a 2 hour cruise and putted down canals in our neighborhood. 
There were numerous herons out today including the oldest one we've ever seen! 
This heron has the most beautiful plumage. Sorry I took this picture at a great distance. Mark didn't want to putt through the Lillypads again. LOL

Randy and Dawn have headed to South Florida for a couple nights at friends Greg and Sue's while Randy gets dental work done. Dawn has taken it under advisement from me and is now celebrating her birthday for the entire month of June. I'm sure she'll be out shopping for something to match that new motorcycle! LOL

Sue and Wayne arrived back at their cottage after a couple of nights in Winnipeg. 

Pam, (Mark's sister) is recovering from foot surgery last week. She was considering meeting us in Asheville towards the end of July, so we've invited her to come visit and travel with us. Why not? She's off for summer. ;-)

That's it for today. We're going to relax tonight and watch golf. It doesn't get much quieter than that. Ta Ta. 

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