Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Good morning πŸ˜ƒ ... it's GOING to be a better one than yesterday! 

Firstly, Mark put the ice maker back together ... and it worked! Yay 😊 

Sue and Wayne will be home tonight! They've had about 11 days on the road and I expect will be pleased to get home. 

Pat picked Anita and me up for the luncheon at Pisces Rising. Poor Anita's little ShihTzu was attacked by Tim & Meredith's white lab. Lucy was on a leash ... John was talking with Tim when the lab came out of the garage and grabbed Lucy by the neck and shook her. Well it was off to the vet for emergency surgery! You can't be too careful. Lucy is expected to be okay ... Meredith & Tim felt awful of course and are paying the vet bill. 

Lunch was fun! We ate inside as it was too hot on the deck. There were 3 new members I hadn't met having been away over summer. Dawn was off today and joined the festivities. (We decided tonight would be Mexican Dominoes!)

Randy called to say Scott was on the 429 so would be joining the game tonight! πŸ‘πŸ»

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Good morning and a very Happy Birthday to Diane! 

Hope to see her and Kris this weekend when they're at The Villages. She's happy to have power and a working phone line again! That Hurricane Irma damage lingers on. 

Meanwhile, more Hurricane cleanup around here. Our spa developed a "rattle" after power resumed. Insurance would cover repair if a technician verified the issue was caused by a power surge. 

Well, it's drained now ... but no evidence of the rattle's source! Hmmm ... hate to refill it and the rattle happen again. (It did ... 😳) Perhaps it's a bearing "going" but it'll run for now.  Next job ... 

Sue and Wayne arrived in Perry Georgia tonight after a day's drive with heavy traffic through Atlanta. It's usually smooth driving the rest of their drive!

The Hurricanes are stacking up this season. Here's an awesome pic of "little" Jose, barely a CAT 1

This afternoon, Mark took the lawnmower apart to fix a problem with fuel and starting. He has to buy a part tomorrow. Meanwhile, he has the generator apart to change the oil and put in a new filter. We are waiting for the filter to arrive, hopefully before the next hurricane. Oh oh. 

The next job was googling how to fix our whirlpool icemaker.

Hopefully, all the ice and frost will melt (in the sink overnight) and it will work again, like magic tomorrow! But, that's tomorrow. Handy Doodie had a busy day! (The assistant had a busy day too!) 😜

OMG ... at bedtime Mark discovered the guest bath toilet leaking ... WTH? Tomorrow! 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

Good morning. Where is our sunshine? Never mind, maybe it will be a bit cooler today without it. Although we have been OK, so Florida still has tremendous humidity after the hurricane. Did you know that hurricane Maria is on track to become another big storm system. At this point, no one knows where it will go, but it will impact the coastline of the United States somewhere. 

It was great to hear that national save the sea turtles foundation's boat in the Keys was unharmed in Hurricane Irma! 

Fabulous news! This is a working research boat. 🐒 

Haha ... this is for K's grandson Kyle ... he thinks it's easier to have five months of winter than a hurricane. Ha! 

Sue and Wayne have enjoyed our weekend in Nashville and should be starting on their trip to Florida today. They plan to be home Wednesday night or Thursday. 

Dawn is back to work today but will be off on Wednesday and can attend our ladies luncheon at Pisces Rising. πŸ‘πŸ» i'm sure it will be a fun day and then there's always the beautiful view of Lake Dora!

Definitely ROBBIE !!!

We are off to Home Depot this morning to pick up paint for our door and baseboard project. Actually, all the white woodwork in the house is going to be redone. It's time for refreshing. 

Hahaha snort bwahahaha ... YUP. 

Riley and Parker returned the cake plate today with homemade pumpkin spice cookies! 

Sweet ... such nice neighbors!

Mark cooked a pot roast for tonight's dinner and it is smelling delicious. I took Robbie and BeeZee for a long golf cart ride before feeding them. (He's been asking for dinner earlier everyday!)

Tonight is the beginning of dancing with the stars. So, that's it. Ta Ta. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Good early morning y'all. Why am I awake so early? 

Just as I was going back to bed at 6, Mark was getting up. Ha ha. What a crazy household. 

Eventually we were all in sync and accomplished a bit. About 2:30 we decided on a boat cruise to check on the hurricane damage about Lake Eustis. 

Robbie sat with Mark most of the afternoon ... despite a cigar that reeked of camel dung. Heehee. 

Damage about the lake was sporadic. Several homes looked okay then we'd see one with roof damage, screen cages ripped off and trees toppled. Along our neighborhood lakefront two massive trees were down! Really huge ... one with a 10' root ball.  Terrifying. 

Back in our canal, Mark tied a couple of big branches to our pontoon and towed them out of the channel. (Mz B was so excited!) 

There are more branches to be moved but our dogs were getting hot ... so off to home and A/C. 

Randy and Dawn arrived about 430 for cocktails before we all went to Stavros Pizza for dinner. The waiter knows us and is always very delighted when we come in. 

So that was our evening. The Emmys are on TV and that's what we're watching. Tata. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Good afternoon. Anytime I start my blog in the afternoon, you know it's been a crazy hectic day so far. 

First off, Mark decided today was the day to regain his sanity by walking in the woods. He enjoyed it, but found that many trees were down across the trails. I held the fort by being home for the insurance adjuster. Tony arrived promptly, even a little before I'd finished breakfast. He was very nice, explained quite a few things and was gone within an hour. In about 10 days I should hear from the insurance company. Hopefully, the two hurricanes that are forming in the Atlantic don't come anywhere near Florida this time. We've had enough, so has Texas. Ha. 

Hey! My happy hunting trail is blocked. Ha!  Love your new "Kenora" hat! πŸ’•

If you've been on Facebook, you will know that Georgia Boys Fishcamp's resident bird, Fred, has been feeding there for 10 years. He sure was hungry waiting for them to get back to normal after hurricane Irma. 

Fred's happy again! 🐟 We hope business is back to normal quickly. 

Sue and Wayne are going to the Opry tonight in Nashville. They are going to see Wynonna, Crystal Gayle and Patty Lovelace. 

Guess who? Wynonna ... πŸ™„

So tonight we headed to Randy and Dawn's for a pizza party. Obviously we had a great time. Dawn had scratch off lotto tickets for us and Mark bought us all lotto tickets. In all, I was the only one who won, two dollars on one ticket and four dollars on another. Yowsa! Of course, like any great gamblers, we will put it back into more tickets. Ha

The banana Jeanie's cake that we imported 2250 miles was finally eaten and enjoyed tonight with Randy and Dawn. Originally, we wanted to bring it to Randy for his big birthday this year. It was rather hilarious as it was big and taking up a lot of space in the RV freezer. When we got home and put it in the house freezer, hurricane Irma hit ... which meant keeping the ruddy cake in our home freezer while the power was out. Ha ha. (Sue wondered why we weren't saving the cake until Randy's birthday next month.) It was time, it was time. πŸ˜‚

So that was our day. 😍

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017

Seriously, why is my mind running through the names and dates of hurricanes at 1:50 a.m. PTSD? I do have a few fun memories of past storms. Hurricane Floyd hit the Keys, Sanibel & Captiva Islands in 1987. I was walking the beach on Captiva a week later with Klaus Moeller when we found a cockatiel bird, sitting on a stone, injured and surrounded by ants. Beach Bum was a cool guy ... I had him for 11 years. There wasn't a bird cage door he couldn't open. Haha. 

Mark finished raking the back yard tree debris so we're ready for our lawn service next week. (He finished the job before I got up at 8 o'clock.) 

This afternoon we went to Walmart and stopped in to see Dawn. She was off today ... we continued on with our shopping. The shelves were still empty of fresh items ... no meats, few veggies, no eggs; strange huh. You'd think 5 days later there'd be plenty. Oh well, we did get a couple of tomatoes and some lettuce. 

You can see Mark and Robbie are both exhausted after the cleanup. Haha. 

Dawn phoned to invite us for pizzas tomorrow night! Sweet! 

Sue and Wayne have decided to spend extra time in Nashville and booked in at Yogi's til Monday. 

Two years ago this week we were traveling to meet Sue and Wayne in Nashville after Olivia & Derek's Mississippi wedding. (We never made it ... lost an axle on our 5th wheel; long (Ka-Ching) story.) 😟

So this afternoon Mark began assembling his hunting equipment as archery season opens next weekend.  I had a triple chocolate cake to bake for Riley and Parker with special request peanut butter frosting. With the peanut butter frosting I know Mark won't be sneaking any before I deliver it. Ha! 

Boy we sure felt the heat today! No breeze ... 85% humidity ... TV time.  Guess what's on tonight ... πŸ‘½

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Good afternoon. Mark has just left for his chiropractor appointment. Tree branch cutting and hauling has done him in. We still have half the backyard to tidy but it certainly is getting "back to normal." I had five loads of laundry to catch up on. Clothes went in the hamper pretty quickly after working outside in 90° sunshine. We have the air conditioning cranking today drying the house out. 

Several months ago we buried a St. Joseph statue upside down in the backyard of the abandoned house across the street. The place has been empty since our neighbor Jack passed away about 2008. His daughter who lives in New York State refused to sell it for all these years ... doesn't maintain the house and never comes to use it. Anyway, it was listed for sale today! Yay St. Joseph ... finish your work! πŸ˜‡

Our friend Nancy stopped in to return our cooler and ice packs. We were so excited to tell her that the property across the street is listed for sale. She thought the price was not too bad at 200,000 and that perhaps the neighborhood should buy it for a community party and pool area plus space for dock rental. I'm sure that's just a pipe dream as most of the people in our neighborhood already live on the water and have pools. But hey, it's not a bad idea. 

Sue and Wayne are rolling along on their way home to Florida. They will stop in Nashville for a night or two. Fortunately they seem to have had very good weather but mentioned there's a lot of truck traffic on the roads. 

Ohio River barges ... a beautiful area. 

Pam is a proud mom today. Her son Daniel was on TV ... 

πŸ‘πŸ» We're pretty proud too! There's a lot of talent in our families. Here's the link:

A small thunderstorm moved through tonight. I hope everyone's roofs stay watertight. Ta Ta. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Good morning 🌞. As predicted it's 68F so the front door's open, the Scotties are laying on the cool tile while I drink my first DSO of the day. Mark's first sip of the day was gas from Da Mounty's tank. 🀒 Gross.


Our friend Nancy who lives on the lake lost her flat roof portion on the patio plus her screen cage around the pool. Our friends Jack and Linda lost their boathouse (the boat was in it) and so many tree limbs they cannot even get to the end of their yard. I knew the houses on the lake we're going to take the brunt of Irma as the winds were out of the northwest for a good portion of the storm! Mike and Alice, two doors down, lost a huge tree which is lying across the canal. There are so many much worse off. 

Speaking of worse off, the lift station in Fort Lauderdale or Pompano, I'm not sure of which, quit working and raw sewage is floating in the beautiful canals. Scott reported to Randy that the smell is so overpowering he has to ride around in his truck to get away from it. πŸ’© Now that's an environmental disaster in the making. (Power restored at 3 pm so hopefully things will improve.)

OK, now for some cheerful news. Rick M posted a blog last night. Yay Rick. They are still experiencing a horrible drought over the Lake Country region and in fact over most of the Northwest. It's wonderful to see that he and Ruth enjoy having the kids around! 

About 230 Mark and I went to Lew and Lynn's pool to refresh ... back home we both had a nap! ✅

Sue and Wayne had a good travel day and found a lovely campground just outside of St. Louis for the night. 

Dawn was called into work. Randy drove her as traffic lights are still out. She will be working until 8 o'clock. Tomorrow is trash pick up day which means everyone was working hard to get things on the curb for tomorrow's pick up. It's been quite a stressful week! They had good news when Randy got home and discovered the power was on! Yay! We hope the water has been restored to, and if so we will go there to replenish our water jugs tomorrow!

High water at RanDawn's ...

Apparently it is going down, not up! 

Dinner done and dishes cleaned up, we're all in the bedroom with the window shaker running! Cool. 

Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Good morning it's 1030 and I've just done the dishes from Mark cooking breakfast. We need a break from the house and have a list of things to get at Home Depot, if possible. It's forecast to be 91 today so I guess the dogs will be at home while we go shopping! I don't like the thought of both of us being away while our generator is unprotected. That sounds goofy, right? Well, we did live in South Florida where we have already heard of generators being stolen. 

The traffic lights from 473 towards Leesburg on 441 were working, but south of 473 wasn't. It was crazy driving! We spent $100 at Home Depot for a few necessary supplies including an outside broom and an inside broom. Ha ha. Although we were using the app gas buddy we didn't find any fuel. People were lined up at the pumps hoping a fuel truck would eventually show up and they would be first in line. It seemed rather pointless so we headed to ABC liquors where we found skeleton staff running the store with a small generator. Yay. 

There's gonna be a PARTAY tonight I know 🎢 πŸ˜‹

Whew! It's too hot for much outdoor work this afternoon! OMG a half hour and I'm soaked. My job today is to rake up the debris on the gravel patio and put the bar and it decorations back. DONE. 

Mark utilized Da Mounty to pull the leaning tower of palm upright. Actually I helped by driving while he braced it. Done ✅ 

Randy and Dawn arrived just after 4 o'clock, exactly when we both needed a break. We poured wine and sat around the kitchen counter with a fan blowing on us. Sweet. Life is Good. We shared a few funny, horror  stories and then decided to put our feet into Lew and Lynn's pool. Today's temperature was 70° and it felt great. Mark and I put our suits on and eased in slowly. It felt great; I sure miss having a pool. 

Sue and Wayne are visiting a work friend in Iowa tonight at a campground. It's so nice to have friends along the way. Jan has 3 Westies ...

Westies ... Scottie cousins. πŸΎπŸ’•

Mark cooked chicken cutlets and pork chops with corn for dinner tonight. It's fun, kind of camping in the house. Ha ha. What's not fun is doing the dishes in a pot of cold water. Yikes. 

That's it for tonight. We are going to sit listen to music on Pandora with a couple of tea lights burning while  sipping cheap wine. A perfect night. It's pitch black outside and 79F ... it'll be 71 in the a.m. Ta Ta. 😍

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hurricane Irma is a b*atch with whistling wind and pounding rain. 

She's had her eye on our house from the northern turn yesterday. Of course our power is out so no TV to update us ... very thankful for internet updates! 

You know that freight train sound all survivors of tornadoes report ... well we've heard it a few times but the weather radio quit broadcasting a couple hours ago! Seriously, it's just static! 

There's some creaking going on upstairs but we don't have an upstairs! Hmmm ... that's creepy! Thank heavens for my diet Sunkist orange 🍊😜.

Maybe we can get the dogs out for a walk when the eye wall arrives ... MAYBE. 

3:45 ... Dogs walked ... drinking 2nd Crown (us, not dogs!) and feeling like the worst is over. (Always an optimist ... my mom always said I saw the world through rose colored glasses.) Come to ponder that I don't find it a problem. πŸ€”

It's now 11 o'clock and the wind is still gusting to about 40 or 50 miles an hour. There is no rain, so we are able to get the generator running and give the refrigerator a boost. We have a window shaker in our bedroom to cool it down. That'll be our refuge from the humidity. Robs and Bee are laying in there now, snoozing. It may be a week before we have fuel at any of the local stations so we will not run the generator all day. 

Randy and Dawn had some damage to their back porch and the water is up over there dock. Other than that, they seem to be doing OK.

Sue and Wayne are traveling today and plan to stop in Flandreau South Dakota tonight. Apparently there's a casino there! Ka-Ching. 

Our friends Pat and Ken have roof damage. Mark is going to climb up and check ours. We had a leak at the Sunroom (from the valley) so we might have damage too. There were some heavy things hitting the house last night! Weren't we lucky that we had no broken windows! 

Here's tree-mageddon courtesy of Irma. The view is looking toward Shelby & Steve's place. (Maybe we can get him to fire up the tractor to help us clean up.) 😊

The Sycamore and Sweet Gum are deciduous trees classified as self-shedding. I think they shed!!! It's now 715 and we are preparing dinner by candlelight. How romantic! Our neighbors teenagers Riley and Parker came over to help us rake up and pack up the tree debris in our front yard. Sweet! After that, we were exhausted and came in for a glass of wine and then a swim and Lew and Lynn's pool. The pool was 69° after all the cold rain! Believe me it felt very good. 

Pam phoned at seven to check on us and we had a good gab. Although we have texted and phoned Matt, we have not heard how they did in the storm. Sue and Wayne had a friend check on their house in Pompano Beach and they had a tree fall into their lower level but not much house damage. (Currently they are in South Dakota on their way home to Florida.)

Here's our kitchen with the fridge yanked out (generator plug mged in) plus a fan and a camp lantern hanging. Egad, what a mess. It's a good thing we have a propane stove. Tonight's menu is chicken sausages and rice. 

Fabio! 😍 just corrected me that it is chicken sausages with green peppers, banana peppers and gahlick! πŸ˜‚

By the way, the front door is open and we have a beautiful evening. Every bit of humidity is gone from Central Florida. Mark's sister Paula is now getting Irma's tropical winds in North Carolina tonight. Stay safe!

Some of the nice things about no power ... STARS!!!  We're listening to the owls πŸ¦‰ tonight; where did they hide during the hurricane?

Ta Ta til morning. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Good morning. It's 4 AM and I'm up to check the progress of hurricane Irma. Right now Irma is 55 miles southeast of Key West moving northwest at 6 miles an hour, category 4 - 130 mph. Key West streets are wet with many trees down and reportedly pieces of gingerbread house trim scattered about from the historic homes. The hurricane warning covers 18 million people in Florida. Wow. 

Since the track of hurricane Irma skirts the west coast of Florida, cities like Naples and Tampa will take the brunt of it. Storm surge will be 9 to 12 feet there and goes inland for miles. Devastation will be widespread unfortunately. Curfews are in place. Rainfall will be 9"-12". 

Here in Lake County Florida it is quiet with light rain. By tonight, Sunday, we will have tropical storm force winds and thunderstorms. Being on the "dirty side" of Irma, tornadoes will be the main threat. TORCON 8.

Haha ... is that one of Randy's stinky Crocs?

Update ... 3:30ish ... raining here, not much happening yet. 

6:30 ... Irma's  a knockin' ... and we're a rockin' wine. We've heard several transformers blow around us, but at the moment we are lucky to have power! πŸ€žπŸ€ This heavy wind will continue throughout the night. 

This is the view from RanDawn's deck ... the highest water ever! Their neighbor's lot is lower but you can see it's up to the seawall. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The rain began at 3:30 a.m. with the first rain band from Irma. Since the eye wall track has shifted toward Florida's west coastline our wind field will be from every direction. Hmmm ... 

Mark and I rolled the boat canvas into it's zippered (towing) covers. While we were busy at the boathouse we noticed our next door neighbor hadn't done a thing to prep his property. We may acquire a few things we don't care to have. 

This FB post was last evening with folks still evacuating Florida. Many vehicles have been abandoned, out of fuel. (Where are those people?)

Sue and Wayne are starting for home and crossing the border today.  They plan to stay in Grand Forks tonight. Strange coincidence but Wayne sister Marlene is in Grand Forks today. They plan to have dinner with her tonight.

Flying BeeZee ... and there's no wind yet. πŸ˜‚

Sue and Wayne arrived in Grand Forks about 5 o'clock. They met with Marlene and Harry for dinner!

Sue, Marlene & Harry 

Mark cooked shrimp on the Pizzaz for our dinner tonight. Yum! Afterward we sat on the front porch for an hour sipping wine and watching a neighbor "work." Fun. We heard a few "booms" around and decided to head inside. Tonight, around midnight thunderstorms will begin ... then by noon tomorrow will be tornadoes. We will be under a TOR-CON 6 which means you have a 6/10 chance of seeing a tornado within 50 miles of your location. (Hurricanes are predictable whereas tornadoes are sneaky.) 

We will be charging our phones and turning them off tonight. We'll check in on the blog here when we have cell service. No sweat πŸ’¦ 

Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday, September 8, 2017

Good morning. What a beautifully clear sky with the full moon when Robbie and BeeZee wanted out at 5:30. (Hey, they both had πŸ’©) 😜

Our day started with a hilarious update on Hurricane Irma ...

😱 So, Mark filled the hot tub while I packed towels around the window sills (Driving rain!), made more ice blocks, filled bins for toilet flushing and caught up laundry! 

Since we've never had a Cat 2 come directly over our area folks are paying attention. Jim phoned Mark to report there wasn't a parking spot available at Lowes, Home Depot or Publix this morning. That's good as folks are listening to the forecast. 

Haha. Nope. Slim to None, and Slim left town. 😜

So after bringing in the backyard furniture and knickknacks, we decided a ride to visit Randy was in order. We loaded up Robbie and BZ and visited. Dawn was at work until 8 o'clock and has to work tomorrow until 2 o'clock. Anyway, we had a few laughs with Randy ... and another happy hour drink. Ha. 

Mark got a tweet from Lew asking if his patio umbrella was "up."  Mark told Lew that he sold it to Randy for $20. Ha. (Randy offered the cash right away!) πŸ˜‚

Jim G phoned about 8:20 to check on our Irma preparedness. We had a good gab; great to hear from him and that he's doing so much better. 

Sue had a chance to see Lynne and Les's new SeaRay at the Yacht Club. 

Congratulations! It's a perfect boat for them! πŸ‘πŸ»

The old Yacht Club (1955) looks pretty great. The building is from the 1800's! 

Tonight, Sue and Wayne are having dinner at Aurelia's and Tony's. πŸ‘πŸ» Have fun! 

That's it for tonight.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hey, how's your 🌎 today? Mark and I are 90% Hurricane Irma ready. It was nice to see we live in Florida's SAFEST area. 

The Caribbean islands took a heavy hit yesterday. Fraser posted pictures today of St Martin's devastation. His condo is livable but no electricity or water. We were happy to hear he made it through the storm. Rick and Ruth checked in on us and invited us to BC. Sweet eh! Anyway, we have checked in with Matt and Tiffany in Boynton Beach. Since they live on the intercoastal they may have to get a hotel further in land. 

Treats at the bank for Robbie & Bee. 

Taco salad treat at home for us. 

This afternoon Fairbanks Construction arrived to look at our sunroom roof (again.) We hope this time they can fix the ding dang dong drip. 

Tonight, Mark is helping Jim bring his barbecue in to their new porch. That will be their cooking source when the power goes out! Me? Well it's Yaya's at Florence's house; party time! 

Florence, Carol & Meridyth 

Carin, Rose, Deena & Anita

Florence's poodle Max was so funny. He checked everyone out and decided my pant leg deserved an extra bit of fascination. After 3 rounds with all the ladies he came to me thinking he'd hump my leg. I politely removed him the first and second time. The third time Max tried it I shooed him away and said, "Forget about it Romeo!" Well he backed off and gave me a dirty look and scruffed up the carpet. Haha πŸ˜‚ ... 

Mark helped Jim move his beast of a barbecue into the porch then had a cigar and drink (or two) with him. When we got home at 8:30 we checked into the hurricane update. 😱