Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Good morning. It’s a beautiful day for going to our local flea market. Mark wants to make a beef soup and needs vegetables. I need to replace my EZ Kleen cloths and buy more fluorite beads from the jewelry vendor.

Back from the fleamarket with treasures in hand, we sat down and watched a new program called “the crossing.” Mark made a batch of beef soup for our lunch and we relaxed with the Scotties. 

During the kids ride on The Caddy we popped in at Nancy’s to meet her sister from Cincinnati. They had plans for a walking tour of Mt. Dora. 

I spent the afternoon making jewelry sets! It’s been awhile since an entire afternoon has been idled away. πŸ˜€ 

Mark spotted this ...

and thought of our Northern family and friends! 

Tonight, we were invited to Nancy‘s to have wine with her sister Barb. They had spent the day enjoying a tour of Mount Dora. Every stop they had featured wine and snacks! It sure sounded fun. Nancy broke open a couple of bottles of bourbon wine which was pretty potent. I wasn’t drinking it, but the other three were many laughs occurred. It’s now 1120 and Mark is sound asleep. It must’ve been very good wine. Ha ha. It was so nice sitting on Nancy‘s back patio watching the boat parade by. We don’t see that on the canal and I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow, Mark is working on the project house with Lew and then at 5 o’clock we are meeting at Jane, her son Rick and daughter-in-law Diane at Crazy Gator’s for dinner. So, that’s it as it is now a party of one, with a Scottie dog on my lap. πŸΎπŸ’•

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Just 12 fun friends attended the Eaton’s Beach πŸ– luncheon. Lunch service was great ... Lynn organized the seating arrangement by numbers and it really is fun. Previous to Lynn’s number designations we sat with the carpool pairings. This is very good as we visit more now! 

L-R Sandy, Nancy, Me, Annette, Lynn, Dawn, Sharon, Deenna, Anita, Carin and Suzanne ... don’t we look awesome! 😜 (Sherri had already left to visit her husband in hospital after hip surgery.) 

Meantime, Mark worked at the project house a few hours this morning and came home with some color on his face ... and a treasure. 

This was a pail and a trowel ... is there still some life left in it? πŸ˜‚

Mark had his chiro tuneup this afternoon and is doing well with daily stretches. πŸ‘πŸ»

Tonight we met RanDawn for date night at Tiki West for shrimp ... $9.99 for a pound! πŸ˜‹ The Place was busy ... good food and good service! It was difficult to chat though; pretty noisy tonight. Tomorrow morning we’re having shrimp and eggs for brekkie.  

It’s time to relax with the doggies and watch Deadliest Catch. πŸ¦€ 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Good morning. BeeZee had me up at 6 o’clock to go outside, then we snuggled and watched a couple of Property Brothers. The one with Warren & Jill was crazy! Those folks were the most disorganized I’ve seen. 😱 (Hey folks, if you don’t have space to store it, don’t buy it!) πŸ™„

So it’s a cool start this morning ... 52F in Central Florida (60F in Pompano Beach.) The whole family started the day sittin’ on the front porch. It’s breezy, but lovely. The doggies just enjoy that porch so much! (Us too!)

Today’s fun was interviewing an elderly neighbor for her story on life in Harbor Shores for our newsletter. Here’s my article; hope you enjoy it!

It was a different era when Georgia and Joe Borho first saw their future Lake Eustis property in the 1950’s. Friends from Orlando owned the lakefront lot in Harbor Shores, a newly designed waterfront community project in Grand Island, Florida. Georgia and Joe enjoyed a boat ride from downtown Eustis to the vacant lot for a picnic lunch and lake swimming. There were less than 8 homes built at that time, two lakefront and 6 canal front. Several similar picnics and swim parties were enjoyed until one day, in the early 1970’s, their Orlando pals asked if they’d like to buy it as they planned to sell. Joe was in love with the lakefront property and, despite great career possibilities elsewhere, decided it should be Georgia’s and his retirement home. For many years they spent time off picnicking at their lot. By 1976 they’d built a large family home for themselves and their two teenagers. Wonderful family memories were made water skiing, swimming and hosting parties for family and friends. 

Original planner and property owners were Grace and Art Shirley who built the huge ranch-style home on the point. Georgia and Grace became good friends who swam back and forth between the docks. Asked if she’d had any wildlife scares swimming in what we (nowadays) think of as alligator and snake infested region, Georgia shared this story.

Georgia was swimming home from Grace’s place at dusk when she saw a head pop-up next to her. Startled, she stopped swimming. An otter with 4 pups swam right in front of her path and continued on their merry way. Asked about alligators, Georgia told a story about seeing just one in all the decades. The gator grabbed a turtle from her lakefront property. Georgia was so mad at the alligator that she ran toward it and threw a stone hoping it would release the turtle. It didn’t, but the ol’ gator didn’t come back either!

During the Cuban Missile crisis of 1961, Grace and Art Shirley built the large home on Calla Court as Grace had become frightened of lakefront living. It was a difficult era when nuclear war was forefront in everyone’s minds. Lucy Hawkins purchased the big lakefront home as the Shirleys moved. (Have you noticed the older homes all boast bars on the windows?) What should have been a simpler time with friends barbecuing and swimming in the lake was overshadowed by a war looming. Eventually, the Hawkins family sold the original home on the point to the McKenzie family whose son now occupies the home.

Georgia and Joe met in Texas while she was babysitting her sister’s ill baby. Joe worked at the hospital nearby and often visited his former pediatric charges. It was during this time that Joe met and fell in love with vivacious Georgia. There were a few years difference in age, she 17, he 23. Joe was allowed to dine with Georgia’s sister’s family, but dating Joe wasn’t permitted. Well, there was no stopping Cupid’s arrow and the couple quietly eloped. A marriage announcement appeared in the newspaper a week later! It was time to tell their families they’d wed. Joe was in the air force which required they move about the country living on air bases. It was while Joe was stationed in Newfoundland Canada that the family grew by two! You see, after eight years of marriage, they’d adopted a baby girl just 8 1/2 months old. FOUR months later Georgia gave birth to their son. Joe and Georgia had 47 1/2 years of wedded bliss enjoying their two children and two grandchildren.

Another fun story that Georgia shared had me laughing. You see, their two children were at school, Joe at work and with household chores done Georgia got her pool float and a boat anchor and set out on Lake Eustis to sunbathe. She may have fallen asleep when a gust of wind took the float out from under her. She reached for it but was pulled back. What was going on? Georgia remembered she had tied the anchor line to her ankle! In the confusion she was most worried that Joe’s “favorite” boat anchor was on the lake bottom and dove down to get it! Fortunately, she decided it best to untie the line from her ankle and swim quite a distance to shore. The pool float was waiting for her on the lawn. When Joe heard the story he was relieved she’d left the darn anchor where it still lies, at the bottom of Lake Eustis! 

Georgia loved being a mother who baked goods for every function, served as Cub leader and hosted children’s picnics lakeside. There were always children enjoying the property. 

Eventually, Georgia healed from Joe’s passing and unknowingly attracted another wonderful gentleman who shared his life with her for several years until his passing. 

You can often see Georgia walking, now with a balance pole, still very active and alert. When you see her please thank Georgia for sharing her wonderful memories of life in our Harbor Shores. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018

Good evening. It’s been a bright beautiful day with a stiff breeze and a high of 70°. Mark worked on the project house for about four hours this morning with Lew. After the yard waste truck picked up today, the place across the street is looking pretty fantastic. We sat there at happy hour and admired all their work. It’s really quite amazing to see the shape of the whole house come together. There are a lot of nice trees on the property, they just been crushed by the crazy vines. After the waste company had picked up, Lew came over with his blower while Mark picked up trash cans and swept. Things are looking up in the hood. 😎

I began work on eBay today after doing a couple of hours of necessary paperwork. Otherwise, it has been a run-of-the-mill retired-style day.

Speaking of retired… A friend of Mark’s from high school has bought a property about 1 mile away from us. He has been living in Northern California and decided to make the move to Central Florida. Mark thinks that Pam may remember him, his name is Larry Paul. We’re looking forward to seeing him and perhaps taking him out on the boat.

Lew popped in for happy hour and had a glass of chablis. I’ve sold a few things for him on eBay and I had to pay up today. Whaaa waaa. 🀣. Marks garden is paying off already, we had eight tomatoes today. That sounds pretty good for those of you who are still digging out after the latest snowstorm. ❄️ 

We watched American Idol tonight, a little bit of the hockey game and now it seems to be time for bed. 😴 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Good morning. I was up early to enjoy the wind before the rainstorms arrive later. 

Mark groomed the kiddos today so this is BeeZee’s official 5th birthday pic along with Robbie and Mark. 

It’s a cloudy day as we’re expecting foul weather later today ...

Bonnie and Roger have been working hard showing their gorgeous Scotties, Chief and Ella. (Ella is related to our BeeZee)

Congratulations! πŸΎπŸ’•

The rain raged on while the girls had an Easter egg hunt and the adults drank wine and ate snacks. 

Mark was.chief entertainer while Randy and Dawn prepped dinner. Everything was delicious, as always. 

After dinner all sat outside on the back porch watching the rain and talking. The dogs were exhausted watching the girls play! We got home about 830, worn out as well. It was a great day. Thanks RanDawn ❤️.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Good morning. It’s a bright beautiful sunshiny day and we had the front door open till 930. Mark and Lew are working across the street at the project house while I am cooking a roast for tonight‘s dinner and messing with my plants.

Today is Miss BZ’s 5th birthday! We sure love this little Scottie ... she’s no trouble whatsoever. Well, she does bark at “anything” on her walk. Haha. Especially Spanish moss if it’s stuck on a power line. (?) 

We took an extra long golf cart ride today plus the kids had roast beef, potatoes and veggies for dinner with apple slices for dessert. It was a pretty good birthday meal. πŸ˜‹

Tony and Aurelia arrived home safely after their month-long travels in the RV. A surprise crossed the border with them (Tony knew) ...

The 5’ palm tree in the background. Haha; apparently Aurelia kept looking for a Palm where ever they shopped. I’m glad it found a beautiful spot in their home. (It’s still cold in Manitoba!)

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, Pam is stuck at work ... 

Egad! It’s MID-APRIL. 😱

This evening, we went to Randy and Dawn’s for a glass of wine and visited with Dawn‘s mom Jan, Brittany, Alan, Makenna and Charlotte. It was a nice time; Makenna entertained us with her video mimicking Dawn talking to her mom. Haha. We all laughed. Tomorrow Randy’s cooking Chicken Marsala for dinner and we’re ‘vited, Scotties too! πŸ‘πŸ» 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday, April 13, 2018

Good afternoon! We ran the Kia into the dealership for an oil change and tire rotation, then a trip to Lowes for a few things. I bought another orchid basket for my new grouping of orchids from Valentine’s (one from Mark and one from Pam) and from Aurelia and Tony’s visit. When the blooms are done (maybe a month yet) they’ll be grouped in the basket. 

Did you see the interview between former FBI James  Comey and ABC’s George Stepanopolous? The entire interview will be broadcast Sunday night at 10 o’clock. It’s graphic! 

You can bet we’ll be watching ... 

Tonight we visited with Jane, Mark’s cousin Barb and Jane‘s neighbor Pat. There was lots of gabbing and laughing and Jane is very happy to be home. She has a long way to go on recovery to be self-sufficient again. Little BoBo is very happy to have her home, obviously, and acts like her shadow. Jane says he is sleeping a lot, but he probably didn’t sleep much for the six weeks she was away!!! Barb flies home to Buffalo on Monday and Jane’s son Rick arrives Monday night. We hope she continues to improve!