Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday, July 16, 2018

Good day eh? Early this morning Mark plugged the RV in and turned the A/C on so that at 9 o’clock I began my spit and polish of the interior. 

Well it was a pretty depressing day based on the USA/Russia conference in Finland. Donald Trump is an absolute idiot. PUTIN ADMITTED that he interfered in our election, but the orange idiot still can’t admit it. OMG ... it was a homerun for Russia! It was devastating and discouraging. The Republican Party needs to step up and handle their “leader.” 

And, on the fun side of life, Mark has been quite amazed with Rick M’s fascinating whittling of spoons. So, Mark decided to try it himself ... 

Not too shabby eh Rick. 😂

Did I mention the spit and polish on our rig is done? Tomorrow is MY spit and polish. Ha! Mani/Pedi coming up. Ta Ta for now. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Good morning y’all and happy Sunday! RanDawn just called and we’re scheduled for Stavros at 5:30 tonight. 

Mark was up extra early and put in a few hours work across the street. Another old tree is down and the truck loaded for a ride to the dump. It’s coming along nicely in the back yard. Along the canal there’s a thin row of trees that gives just the right amount of privacy to the pool area. We had such a great time enjoying the pool yesterday ... 

Haha. Well Sue and Wayne had an interesting morning at their cottage.

That’ll leave a blueberry stain! 

This afternoon, we pulled the RV out to prep for the mountains! Yay. Yeah, we’re way too early but that’s how we roll. Ha ha. 

Ol’ Silver looks gorgeous! New grill, new headlights and new mirrors. 😍 Mark’s the man! ✅

This evening, we met Randy and Dawn at Stavros for dinner. Randy seems nervous about his upcoming knee replacement surgery on Friday. Dawn is having granddaughter Makenna (9) assist with nursing chores. We’re sorry to miss the BIG day as we will be driving to Stone Mountain for a VIP Camping trip. 

I had another eBay sale today. Isn’t it funny how that always happens when I’m getting ready for a little vacation. Always! 

We didn’t have any rain this afternoon so tonight the air feels hot and still. It’s 80° at 8:30, yucky. 

Well that’s it for today. Can you believe we are mid month? Where does the summer go?

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Good morning! We have NO plans today. 🤔 So, we made a list and went shopping. 😜

It’s 91 here this afternoon and we’re hoping for an afternoon thunderstorm to cool us down to 75, like yesterday and the day before that, etcetera. 🌧 

After our retail therapy and lunch we took the doggies swimming. They had a blast. We were at the pool for 3 hours. When they weren’t swimming they were trotting around the pool (wearing their HedzUp collars) having fun. Mark gave them a bath afterward and a good rinse, ear cleaning while I made their dinners. Voila ... two Scotties sleeping soundly at 8 o’clock. Ha!

So while we were out today, we stopped in the Verizon store to get some help with the FaceTime problem we were having on my phone. FaceTime would work when we were on Wi-Fi, but it would not work using data. The technician worked on it for about 20 minutes and suggested that I do the update and 70% chance that that would fix it. Well I came home and did the update. That didn’t fix the problem. Mark says that Johnnie sausage fingers was wrong. After a few attempts here Mark suggested that I check to see if I had the FaceTime app. After doing the update, the app had disappeared. So, I reloaded the app shut the phone on and off and Wala it works. WHO’S THE MAN? Mark is!!! 😜 He fixed it. Yay. 

It’s Saturday night and chill out time. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday the 13th ... July 2018

Hey, good morning from sunny Central Florida. A hot 91F is forecast for us this afternoon. At the moment, Mark is working across the street for a few hours and then it’s vacuuming day at our house. Oh yay, what fun. Ha ha ha. 

This evening, Rose and Jim are picking us up at 5:30 to go out for Mexican food in downtown Eustis. Now that will be fun! 

Well, we had a fantastically fun evening. Had a great dinner at Sol de Mexico in downtown Eustis and then walked over to Tillie’s bar for drinks. Rose & Jim are fun and easy to talk to. Afterward, they came in for a visit with the dogs.  We had a good evening and they left about 1030.

Now it’s TV time and relaxing before bed.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Thursday, June 12, 2018

It’s a great start to the day. It’s 930 and we’re on the lake taking Robbie and BeeZee for a boat ride. 

Robbie loves his boat rides! He also loves to sit in the sun (and then I worry he’ll get too warm!) 🙄

BeeZee loves to sit at the helm with Mark. She’s a smart girl and sticks to the shade! 

Dodie’s happy! Yay! A boat ride. 

This afternoon Mark had chiropractor appointment while I made some jewelry which I will list tomorrow. Now I’m sitting with Miss B watching HGTV for a little while before getting ready for Ya Ya‘s tonight. Carol is hosting in the Scottish Highlands about 10 minutes from here. I’m picking up one of the new gals recently joined the group. 

Back home after many laughs and a good dinner at Carol’s YaYa’s. The doggies looked after the house as Mark was out with Jim for supper at Crazy Gators. (They got new chairs! Yay!)

Sue and Wayne had dinner out at Ristorante tonight. It’s a favorite of ours too. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday, June 11, 2018

Good morning sunshine 🌞! We’re up early to go boating with Randy & Dawn, Pete & Karen, Larry & Connie ... so with us, 8 on board Mrs. R. B. It’s been awhile since our last cruise so Mark spent hours scrubbing and polishing. 

Randy & Dawn enjoyed the sunny side in the Dora Canal.

Karen & Pete on Lake Dora. 

Larry, Mark and Pete just enjoying the view. 

It was a super day! I put an ice pack on my boobs and just chilled. 😎 Awesome. 

The big lot at the end of our street ...

looks like it will have a big home on it soon. 👍🏻 Yay! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Good morning. Between updating the maps on the Garmin 770RV and laundry, the morning has flown by. Mark has been working on installing ol’ Silver’s new headlights! 

AFTER 😎.                         Before 😒

Dealer price $695 plus $115 install = $810
EBay price $106.00 and Mark 😍 installed them. A $704 savings. 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

This afternoon is game day at Nancy‘s house. I’ve dressed cool as she often has the windows open, living on the northwest shore of Lake Eustis. There’s always a lovely breeze. BUT, it would be too hot for me.

I played Mexican Dominoes with 8 fun friends at Nancy’s. She had great snacks for us and plenty of wine. Pat was especially crazy (fun) today as tomorrow she’s away to visit her sisters in New York. Ha! We had plenty of laughs. 

When I got home, the Scotties were ready for a golf cart ride. Finally we saw the flock of Ibis! They haven’t been around lately. Robs is fascinated by them. 

Tomorrow, we are taking Randy and Dawn, Pete and Karen and Larry Paul for a boat ride and lunch at Hurricane’s. 

Speaking of boat rides, Sue and Wayne took the Ranger for a ride around the bay. There’s been some new construction going on ... 

It was a beautiful evening from the look of it! Beautiful “cottage” ... not what we used to call cottages. 😘

Tonight we watched Below Deck. Jack & Carol got us hooked on that crazy show. 😄