Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday, October 23, 2017

Good morning! We’re expecting a mostly rainy today and tomorrow as a (real) cold front moves into our area. Yippee! 

But, today is a busy one. We are going to Randy & Dawn’s for lunch. Afterward, Dawn is cutting Mark‘s hair. Bye-bye ponytail ... hello big boy haircut. πŸ‘πŸ» (Mark is growing a mustache and beard ...  a new man for our 24th anniversary on Thursday.) 😜

Randy was saying, “hey, it looks good loose.” 



Awesome πŸ‘...thank you Dawn! ❤️

Then, tonight we are going to Oakwood smokehouse for ribs with Lew and Lynn. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Good afternoon and a very Happy Birthday to our dear Randy-Man! ❤️

We’re on our way to Jeremiah’s in Mt Dora for the BIG celebration. πŸ₯‚πŸΎ

Happy happy ... Randy & Dawn had a few at the Hideaway before Jeremiah’s. πŸ˜‚

Cards and presents ...

Charlotte & Makenna with Randy

Brittany and Charlotte 

After dinner we went to the restaurant’s porch so the young ones could smoke (really!) and it began to rain. 

Birthday fun ...

Makenna loves Randy 

Charlotte’s ready for a hug she promised Randy a month ago. 😜

After dinner (at Jeremiah’s) we sat on the outside patio so the younger ones could smoke. Yes, people still smoke. We ordered another round and were laughing and talking when a Johnny Depp look-alike asked Randy and I, (in a very swishy feminine voice ) while nodding at Mark, “Is that Mike?” Ha ha ha, darn it. Randy and I couldn’t think quick enough and both said no. What we should have said was yeah it’s Mike but he doesn’t do that anymore. Ha ha ha ha. We were all laughing so hard our stomachs hurt. (It’s no wonder that Mark has decided to get rid of his ponytail.) Well, after Mark and I left, Randy went to get the car and pick up Dawn. A red truck pulled up beside Randy and put his window down ... so Randy put his window down. The guy looked at Randy who had glitter on his face from opening birthday cards and said “oh wrong guy!” I guess we are not going to Jeremiah’s on a Sunday night anymore. πŸ˜‚ 

On our way home, Sue phoned laughing about Randy’s restaurant story. She reminded me about Wayne and her riding in Randy’s black van down A1A in Fort Lauderdale near the Elbow Room. A good-looking guy called out from the bar “I’ll have the driver!” 🀣 

Well, it was a fun night and a memorable birthday for Randy. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Good morning. It’s a beautiful sunshiny day here in Central Florida. It was nice and cool when Mark left for bow hunting this morning at 5:30. (I went back to bed to think about my chores for today.) I have bifold doors painting to do, but needed Kilz primer which was outside in the storage cabinets. I definitely was not going out there at 5:30 in the morning! So, I began putting the backer plates on the kitchen cabinets. I think they should’ve been on there right from the start, as they help to keep the cabinets cleaner. 

I like them ... 29 to put on. 😜

Roger sits just right for 2 Scotties on his lap! (My knees don’t bend like that!) πŸΎπŸ’•πŸΎπŸ’•

It’s now 1:45 and I ran out of paint! πŸ˜… Although the bifolds were primed, the paint soaked in like crazy. They definitely will need a second coat. Drat, They are very fussy to paint. Mark needed a few things anyway so went to Home Depot for me. Sweet. 

Today is Pam’s birthday ... we phoned and sang to her recording. It was her day off and she was enjoying a relaxing Saturday. (Apparently it was a tough week at work for her with an unruly student.) Scary people out there for sure. 

Tomorrow is Randy’s birthday. We’re joining RanDawn in Mt Dora for a pub dinner with Dawn’s family ... 11 people in all. 

Tonight it was pizza on the Pizzazz and watching football. We read Rick’s blog and saw dozens of pics from their Thanksgiving. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

Good afternoon. It’s been a beehive of activity around here as Mark worked on the bathroom door trim and I begin listing items on eBay.

Never mind, there is a funny story to go with all of that. Mark needed a few things at Home Depot and at Winn-Dixie. He got into the car and apparently it didn’t smell very good. Here’s the messages back-and-forth, Ha ha ha.

Phew! Heehee ... I left the leftovers in the KIA last night. My bad. 

Roger and Bonnie went to a birthday party last week ... and look fabulous. ❤️  They’re getting both Chief and Ella ready for a dog show in a couple of weeks. 

If you have clear night skies in your area, step outside this weekend to watch the Orionoid meteor shower! 

Sue and Wayne are at Smokey Bones tonight for dinner. They’re still catching up after Hurricane Irma 6 weeks ago.

That’s it for us. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Haha! Good afternoon y’all. Did I mention Shay sent us home with boxes of goodies? One box is beads and jewelry making items but others were carnival glass and Knick knack patty whacks from their collection. Nice! Meanwhile, Mark took advantage of the cooler weather and went hunting. (He saw plenty of does and fawns but no bucks.) There was evidence of bear activity on the trails. πŸ‘» Speaking of bears, we have 1 big guy in our neighborhood (again.) 

Today a 2nd insurance adjuster came to look at our roof and living room floor. I hope we’ll be covered for a new floor. It looks awful with raised edges and twists. Oh well ...

Cousin Patrick is in Boston competing for his Oxford University this week. Nice picture! Rah rah ... wish we could be there to watch. 

Tonight we met Randy and Dawn at Tiki West for dinner and drinks. The floating docks around the seaplane base and marina were piled up after hurricane Irma. Apparently repairs and replacement will take up to a year. Nothing happens quickly it seems. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Good afternoon y’all. It’s good to be back to wifi... 42 emails loaded and 1 was really important! Our payment for vehicle insurance was “lost” and we got a final reminder notice! 😱 Lucky we weren’t staying a few days longer!!!

The drive home from Lake Placid on 27 was tedious, 3 hours of stop ‘n go through a myriad of towns. No thanks! Anyway, we had a great visit and loved seeing ShayRod. They visited twice when we bought this place and worked with us. (We were all 17 years younger; worked and partied harder.) πŸ˜…

I was glad Mark was able to hang the (complicated) set of shelves for Shay. 

A visit from “Nessie!” It must have been the Celtic bloodlines that brought the ol’ beast to visit us all. ☘️ 

Back home, we emptied the RV, tidied up and parked it, first try. Sweet. ✅

It’s so nice to feel cooler air! Tomorrow morning is supposed to be 62° in the Ocala forest. Mark will be going hunting!

Guess who!

We caught up on the news, nothing very good, and then watched Ray Donovan, the Big Bang theory and
Below Deck. Tomorrow, will get back to normal. Tata 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Good afternoon. It’s the 17th year since dad‘s passing. 


After breakfast today, Mark left to help Roddy around the new house. I spent a relaxing day at the RV with the BeeZee and Robbie mostly reading the third book in the Outlander series. Both Scotties are extremely lazy today having been extra busy the last several. Now at 3 o’clock, they are enjoying rawhides. 

After the deluxe RV sites at River Ranch, this is paltry. Blah. 

Tonight, we are going to dinner with Rod and Shay to a favorite restaurant of their’s. Apparently dogs are allowed on the patio, so we shall see. At the moment it looks like rain.

We had appetizers and drinks at Rod and Shay‘s house and then went to Dock623 for dinner. 

We had tons of laughs, as always! Afterward, we went back to their place for chocolate cake and after dinner drinks. We were home by 9 o’clock for the doggies! Wow. 

Tomorrow, we’re off to home base!