Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Good afternoon. And happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours! Mark and I are going to the Fish Camp on Lake Eustis for our Irish dinner. It’s a gorgeous day here!

Wow! We saw 11 boats on our lake! It was a gorgeous day ... 78F. Fish Camp was busy but our fav docking spot was waiting. Service great ... corned beef and potatoes-great!  ðŸ˜ƒ There was karaoke entertainment in the other room. 👍ðŸŧ (They sounded BETTER than us! Imagine that Rick M!!!)

At the bar, at Fishcamp, we saw Donald J Trump‘s twin! Heeheehee ... MacTrump -

What do you think? At certain angles, and certain gestures, he was a ringer. 

We had lots of fun, just the two of us. Back home, kids were happy to see us and we spend our evening recovering from the afternoon and watching telly.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

Good morning. We had a surprisingly chilly start to our day considering it’s going to 78° this afternoon. This has been rather crazy weather but I guess we can’t complain since the fourth nor’easter is forming. Pam will get some of the snow from it and of course Donnie will be taking out his shovel again in New England! 

This morning, Mark is working on the Mounty installing a new windshield washer pump. This vehicle has certainly been a learning curve ... very reliable. His next task will be cleaning the boat after all the boathouse gutter cleaning. Some debris had to affect the boat. We wanted all spic and span for Tony and Aurelia’s visit next week! We plan to do a little boating and show them around our lakes ... maybe a ride to the Hideaway! 

Me? Household chores and creating a seashell picture topper. Fun stuff. I did get the grandchildren’s Easter baskets ordered! 

It’s Ramshackles for lunch then onto shopping for craft supplies. 

We had cod fish and onion rings with coleslaw ... and drinks! It was nice and crispy. Afterward we shopped. Easter basket supplies for Dawn’s grandchildren ... bolt cutters (?) for Mark, and floral supplies for me. 

When we got home Robbie and BeeZee wanted a walk followed by a ride on The Caddy. It’s absolutely gorgeous today; plenty of neighbors outside puttering about their flower beds. So after their ride we’re all laying about! 😜 We had parcels stacked up ... the shower head and new curtain arrived plus other odds n sods. Every day’s a surprise package ðŸ“Ķ or three. 😃

It was time for happy hour and a cigar on the front porch and imagining what the wilderness area across the street will look like soon enough. Well we hope! No it’s TV time and relaxing. Except for Robbie, he wants his EE Toy! 💕ðŸū

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Good morning from sunny Central Florida where it is downright chilly 43F this morning. Yes, 70° later today. 

Ha! This cartoon reminded me of my mom sending us kids out to kill the dandelions with a green plastic tube filled with poison and a huge poker stick on the bottom to prod then pump herbicide into the root.  I’m sure it was a wonderful thing for young children to be doing. Oh, the good ol’ days. Ha ha ha. 🙄

Mark finished cleaning the boathouse gutters, an annual chore while I updated a wall decor item for above the curio cabinets in the dining room. It looks great! Now I’ll make one from shells for our bedroom to hang over a large seashore painting. My jobs were fun, unlike Marky’s. 

Our friend Rick had a 2nd knee injection yesterday in Vancouver. He’s in a lot of pain so we hope this works for him ... otherwise he’ll be joining the bionic group. ðŸĪ– 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hey, what’s up at your home? Other than some sewing pillow covers today, I have no plans! One thing I must shop for is a shower head for the guest bathroom. (The current handheld one is just OLD and discolored.) That’s what happens when I spruce up one thing at home and the item adjacent looks gnarly. ðŸĪ·‍♀️

Speaking of gnarly, the “wilderness area” across from our front porch may soon have a metamorphosis! Really! I’d best take a BEFORE picture. We think the vacant house may soon be under new ownership! It’s exciting! This place has such great potential (Mark and I think) with 200+ frontage. Our neighbor is under contract to close on March 20. However, if it does not close to him, it may be sold privately to another individual who will also treat it with TLC. For us, it’s a win-win either way ... but of course we have our preferences. 😜

This is our view! 

It’s 6:30 now ... I lit the fire ðŸ”Ĩ as it’s dropped to 69F ðŸĪĢ 

ðŸ”Ĩ ðŸŒī 🍷 😘 Do you read emoji? 

Sue and Wayne are off to the yacht club tonight while Randy cooks dinner for Dawn. Speaking of dinner, Mark has some fat Scoogin porkchops on the grill. 😋 The Scotties ate very well tonight too, chicken thighs, grilled, and baked potato with vegetables. No kibbie tonight. Boy were they happy campers! 

RIP ... STEPHEN HAWKING ... A brief history of time ❤️ ... you were dealt a bum hand but played it well; an inspiration to all mankind. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Good morning. We were both up before the alarm this morning, Mark for a doctor appointment, just a check up. And me, to prepare for game day. Now, it’s 1115 and I’m all set! Yay. Two new gals are joining us today, Margaret, visiting from Canada, and Ruthann, a neighbor from Pat’s street. 

Randy and Dawn are enjoying Daytona Beach and apparently closed a bar last night. Ha ha, they are a couple of recycled teenagers.

So happy they got beautiful weather for riding. It was going to be very chilly overnight at the coast, 45°. Believe me, that will feel cold.

This afternoon, Mark is running a few errands for us while I host.

Well it may be a smaller party than I anticipated as Rose has a flareup of her sciatica, and RuthAnn’s well pump went out. Never mind, for those who show there will be a PARTAY. 🍷

Yup, that’s my home made triple chocolate cake. 

The Wine zone ... plus 2 extra bottles of merlot ... gone. ðŸĪŠ

Lynn, Margaret, Deenna, Nancy, Elaine, Carol, Flo, Anita, RuthAnn and Pat all had fun playing pool ðŸŽą, Rummicube and Dice ðŸŽē. No one left til after 5 so you know they had fun! (I’m exhausted.) 😅 There were no takers for corn hole today. 😝 

RanDawn arrived home safely after a chilly ride home from Daytona. They had a blast and the bands were super! 

Sue and Wayne tried a new place in Lighthouse Point called Sicilian Oven ... apparently very good. 

Cousin Donny spent his day shoveling snow with his crew ... the 3rd Nor’easter in 11 DAYS! That’s like 3 Hurricanes  happening in 11 days! What the heck! 🌊 That’s just downright mean. 

Newburyport is lovely ... in summer! ☀️

What a pretty home! 

Well, that’s the news from our house today. Sorry it’s brief, but it’s been a busy day. And, we had tons of compliments on the house and the new interior colors, especially on the light purple dining room! Three of the girls asked me to come over with color charts and see what they should paint their homes with ... just make sure the husbands are out golfing when that happens. Ha ha Ha ha ha 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday March 12, 2018

Good morning ☔️ ... wouldn’t you know the first rainy morning in awhile occurs when RanDawn are riding the bike to Daytona? Well, they’ve delayed leaving home til the rain ends about 2ish. 

It’s beautiful outside now ... sunny and warm. Mark and I puttered about setting up the house and back yard for my game day tomorrow. 

We took the kids for a ride on The Caddy and met up with Nancy and Kachina. BZ barked at Kachina and wouldn’t stop. 🙄 We had to abandon our visit and head for home. We don’t know what set her off. Robs was fine. Oh well, it was time to head for home anyways. 

Tonight’s just TV and relaxing with the doggies. Tomorrow will be a busy day. 😃

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Good morning from sunny Central Florida. We awoke to 69° with a high of 82 forecast. After breakfast, Mark went out to trim a few trees in the backyard while I cleaned house. Living here in paradise I wonder how I ever had time to work. There’s always something to do or something that needs trimming! ðŸŒģ My houseplants need water twice a week ... as does the lawn. 

Mark’s tiny garden has begun to produce. I say tiny, because it really is about the size of a coffee table. However, we get plenty of peppers and tomatoes from it. 

It won’t be long ... yummy fresh  ðŸ… &  ðŸŒķ 

I talked to aunt Jane and invited her son Rick to join us for drinks and dinner tonight. Although she said Rick does not like to eat out, he may surprise us. Anyway, he’s invited to join Randy, Dawn and us for a Stavros night. Jane is doing very well and is excited as Rick is bringing her little dog Beau to visit today at Avante. (Rick declined.) 

Happy happy 💕ðŸū Jane & her Beau. 

Tuesday is game day HERE ... so I was extra busy setting up for about 14-15 gamers. The pool table will be in use, the corn hole game, ring toss and board games. And 🍷😜 ... it’ll be a BLAST. 

Randy and Dawn arrived about 515, right after she had finished work. We watch the rest of the golf had some wine and then went to Stavros for a fabulous dinner. We always have leftovers from that place, even if we ordered just side dishes! Tomorrow, Randy and Dawn are off to Daytona Beach on the motorcycle with friends for a night.

Sue and Wayne had dinner with Carol and Jack tonight. We will get details tomorrow.

With the time change it seems rather late, 8:45 already. That’s it for tonight.