Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Aroooo ... 5/31/16

Good morning. It's nearly 8 o'clock and Bonnie and Roger are still asleep. Mark got all their dogs out back for business and back in their crates. (We are up early as Mark has a doctor appointment.) 

Our plans today include a boat ride through the Dora Canal and lunch somewhere on the water! 

BeeZee and Roger (she loves Roger!)

It was a perfect day on the water. We cruised Lake Eustis ... through the Dora Canal to Lake Dora ... and lunch at O'Keefe's.

Cruising ... 

Lunch at O'Keefe's ... 

Then a cruise down the Dead River ... and home to cool down and watch Ancient Aliens. We had Cabbie, Ella & Percy watching TV plus Robbie & BeeZee. The puppies had to stay in their pens. :-(

At 6 we left for a drive to Mount Dora ... and drinks at Pisces Rising. It was a very calm day ... 90 degrees. 

Pisces Rising's party deck. 

Then ... Mexican dinner!
We ate and drank ... and were the last to leave! LOL

Back home it was dog fun time! The kids got romp time while we 4 played a half game of Mexican Dominos ... and enjoyed Black & White Scotch!

It's now 12:30 and we're watching Ancient Aliens before everyone turns in for the night. (It was a fun-filled day!) 

Ta Ta til morning. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Some Gave All ... 5/30/16

Good morning from Central Florida where it's 70° this morning. 

The Sunroom division gate is up and ready for our Scottie dog fest. LOL. Our house is easy to divide into two separate areas because both bedrooms open on to the sunroom (as well as the hallway.) With a bit of luck, all the doggies will get along ... but it sure is good to have the gate.

Well, imagine my surprise when Bonnie texted me at nine this morning ... from Tallahassee! Sweet! That news got Mark up and chopping vegetables for tonight's turkey chili. LOL

Chief and Percy are ready for fun!
C'mon ... we gotta be at Auntie's house by now! Arooo 

Bonnie, Roger, Percy, Cabbie, Bella, Hana & Chief arrived about 230 ready to get out of the car. It took about an hour to set up their crates in the sunroom and get everyone settled in. We poured a happy hour drink by that time and started  re-introducing the dogs to Robbie and BeeZee. It all went very well, a few barks here and there, but overall very good.

Randy and Dawn arrived about 630 and joined us for a dinner of Caesar salad and turkey chili. Of course the one word and the conversation continued. About 1030 everyone was worn out and ready for bed!

Ta Ta. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

9 to 5 ... Relaxing 5/29/16

Good morning! It's a 72F sunny start to our day. Bonnie and Roger are on the road ... so it's time to spiff-up our Scotties. 
While I tidied the house and did laundry, Mark stripped the Scotties coats and filed their nails. Afterward, it was their bath time ... in the kitchen sink. BeeZee has caught onto Mark's routine and goes along with it. Robbie's still a wrestler. LOL

Sue and Wayne loved seeing Jim's (Timber Kings) lodge and said "it's over the top grand!" Here's Jim in his kitchen cooking pizzas on his two Pizzazzs! 
Here's another shot of his kitchen ...
I see Bruce there too! Good times at Lake of the Woods!

Bonnie and Roger started their day with a mile hike ... then loaded up and began their drive from Tulsa to us. 
Are we there yet?
I can't wait to snuggle the pups ... Chief and Hana! Aroooo

Ta Ta til tomorrow!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bowling 101 ... 5/28/16

Happy Birthday to Mark's cousin Don Rogers in Newburyport! 

Good day! Well it was a cold shower start  for me. Mark checked our water heater and discovered the pilot light was out. Something must have crawled in there ... maybe a mouse? That fixed, it was time to tackle the guest room ceiling fan! It was stuck on high. Since it wasn't repairable, we headed to Home Depot for a new one ... NO more remote control fans! They don't last. Simple is best, apparently. 

After shopping, we went bowling with my new ball. The ball was good, me, not so much. LOL. Both Mark and I each had one good game out of two. At least we got out and burned a calorie. Tonight, we are going to Hurricanes with Randy and Dawn and a few friends from the neighborhood to see Meredith sing in the Eustis Station Band. 

Dang! Missed a turkey by "this much"!

This afternoon, Mark installed the new guest room fan. It looks great, and works! Randy and Dawn arrived about 5 o'clock for cocktails before we all went to Hurricanes for dinner. We met Rose, Jim, Pat, Ann, Lew & Lynn ... and the drinks flowed. Meredith's band "Eustis Station" plays old rock 'n roll and blues. It was really fun. Everyone's food was good ... I had the Philly Cheesesteak (yummy) while Mark had a Cuban Sandwich with chips (wow)!  We cheered and the band favored us with 2 more songs! Perhaps I yeehawed once too many .., And the cops arrived to "shut the place down for noise!" LOL. 

Meredith's group ... Eustis Station!

Having fun (and my best pic ever!) LOL

Rose and Jim ... having fun!

Back home, the doggies were happy to see us and ready to get outside! 

So that was our fun! Ta Ta. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Boating & Pool Party ... 5/27/16

Good day, eh! It's gorgeous here ... so we took BeeZee & Robbie on the boat to Palm Gardens for lunch. 

We're pleased with the new carpet and canvas! Once back into our boathouse, I treated the upholstery with 303 ... a sunscreen for vinyl. Mark covered it so she's ready for boating when Bonnie & Roger arrive on Monday. 

After feeding the doggies, we went to Lew and Lynn's for a pool party. That started at 6 o'clock, where we were home until 11. Uh oh! Mark came home halfway to get a bottle of Sam Buka and check on the dogs. We had lots of fun going in the pool ... Eating Hoss's pizza and drinking wine ... and Sambuca. LOL. We had lots of fun, and toasted, happy to be in such a fun neighborhood. 

And that's it for tonight.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mrs R B's Day ... 5/26/16

Good morning! Well THAT was a crazy night. A smoke detector battery chose the wee hours to drain down ... with an intermittent beep and voice! (Did I hear something?) Mark must have heard it later as I found him asleep on the sofa and the smoke detector, batteries out, on the kitchen counter. 

Mark has had a terrible cough for the past 10 days. I suggested he go to the walk-in clinic and it's a good thing he did. He has bronchitis! Armed with antibiotics, cough medicine and prednisone, he should be feeling better in a day or two! 

At 12:30, I left for Pat's game day. Well it was a blast. It doesn't matter what games we play, we just have fun. The first one was left center right, a dice game. Then, we play Mexican dominoes. We were also busy talking, we couldn't remember whose turn it was. LOL

While I had a good time, Randy helped Mark pick up our boat at PAUL'S Marine ... and it looks fabulous! They launched, brought the boat home ... then hauled our empty boat trailer to Randy's spare lot for storage. (Nice!) You can bet there'll be a ride with the doggies tomorrow morning! 

I heard about 1 o'clock that Sue and Wayne arrived at their cottage ... it's their official summer kickoff. They have lovely weather for organizing ... and a dinner invite at Rose's. Enjoy! 

This is The latest picture of Jim's lodge!
I'm just sorry we won't get to see it this summer! Magnificent!

Tomorrow, we're invited to a pool party ... and then on Saturday to see a friend sing (in a band) at Hurricane's. Sunday will be tidy up day for Bonnie and Roger arriving on Memorial Day. Yay. 

That's it for tonight! Ta Ta. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Date Night ... 5/25/16

Good morning! It's going to be a day of odds and sods. LOL. Oh, there's the usual household chores ... and then a curve ball. We're getting an estimate on repairing a settling crack in our Sunroom. Fairbanks Construction of Ocala poured an 8" slab ... concrete and fiberglass after compacting the soil. The only "if and or but" was a large water oak tree removed and the stump was ground. According to Fairbanks, that isn't part of their lifetime warranty. To be fair, they did construct our sunroom 10 years ago. The ceramic tile floor cracked this year, and spread lengthwise. Fairbanks representative, Rick, thought it may have been a tree root that finally rotted and undermined the stability of the 8 inch slab. So, before we opt to lay a new floor we need to see that everything is stable. Fairbanks suggested we call in another company, at our expense. So, today we are getting an estimate from LRE. I don't want to sound like sour grapes, but I think the slab is part of the addition, and therefore should be covered. But, like Fairbank's representative said, it has been 10 years. *** LRE recommended gutters on the side of the Sunroom as soil has been washing away! *** :-)

Did I mention I ordered a new bowling ball for myself? Since my fall in early April, my wrist has not been able to handle my 10 pound bowling ball. So, not to be left out of the action, I ordered an 8 pounder!
Purdy! Isn't it! I was using the house 8 lb. at Breakpoint but hated sticking my fingers into grubby bowling balls! It just freaked me out. Haha. The other problem was I couldn't find the ball I previously used. They were all jumbled up. 

Did I mention that properties have been selling in our neighborhood? Three new homes are being built on vacant lots. And, the foreclosure property across the street seems to be attracting some interest. It has potential, but will take a lot of elbow grease and handyman know how! If it was 15 years ago, Mark and I would be interested in the challenge. But, since we have our home all lovely and finished the way we like it, we are no longer interested. But darn, we do like a challenge. Hmmm ...

Tonight, Mark and I are going with Pat and Ken for date night. We thought we would introduce them to Tiki West, a favorite of ours and Randy and Dawn's. Unfortunately, Dawn is working ... but one of these nights, we will do a three couples date night! Ha! (Their onion soup was fantastic!) Afterward, we walked to the Sandbar for a drink, beckoned by live music. It was a gorgeous breezy evening. 

There's no such thing as too much fun. LOL

Sue and Wayne arrived in Canada today! Here's hoping it's a summer with fine weather for them. Us? We'll be home ... maybe a few RV trips here and there; but we'll enjoy ourselves. There's always "next year!" Maybe "The western USA with National Parks" enroute to Canada? 

Back home ... it's snuggle time with our Scotties! Ta Ta. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday ... May 24, 2016

It's a front door open, front porch sitting morning! Our big Sycamore tree is in a growth spurt ... and bark bits are all over! 
Mark wondered if "our" bears climbed it, but the bark seems to be from smaller high branches. 

Today, after Mark's doc appointment, he took us to lunch at Magnolia's Cafe. (Mark had a tuna melt while I had roast beef with au jus and horseradish sauce.) It was a favorite place when it was Olivia's! And, it's still good! 

Randy arrived home from his dental appointment in Pompano this afternoon,  but was still sore. (All I can say is she must be one hot dentist for Randy to drive four hours each way for a dental appointment.) LOL!!! Dawn arrived home from the Disney World trip with McKenna (and Dawn's sister Robin.) They had a great time, but had very sore feet from all the walking! Dawn said her feet were so sore she felt like an old person. (Yep, I hear you.) Haha. They were off to Chick-fil-A for dinner with the kids! 

Have you had jasmine rice? OMG ... We are Hooked. It's the first time in my life I didn't douse my rice with soy sauce. It was so delicious on its own. Mark also cooked kubi and beans. Yum! 

Tonight is very good TV. Dancing with the Stars finale, the Voice finale, Deadliest  Catch and Botched. ;-) 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Celebrating ... 5/23/16

Happy 29th Anniversary to Melanie & Alastair Tawns ... a beautiful union creating 6 fascinating cousins for me! Muah!

It was apparently a very windy day in 1987! (Watch that kilt Alastair!) 

Happy 60th Anniversary to Berks & Arlene Baker ... two wonderful family friends and Hollywood entertainers!

Married in 1956! Kudos! Party on! Muah!

Happy Birthday to Darlene Wingie Tawns (Gregg's widow), the first without him. Although Darlene was feeling sad, she spent the evening with daughter Crystal and Granddaughter Avery. 

We wish you peace and contentment ... we'll see you soon! Muah!

Here in Central Florida it was a busy start to our day. Mark repaired the Sunroom's A/C exhaust and put a new door sweep on the back door. (Lizards get in the smallest of spaces!) I cleaned window blinds and vacuumed lamp shades and furniture. None too glamorous! LOL

One $25 eBay sale had me bubble wrapping, styrofoaming and creating a box ... using an entire roll of packing tape in the process! LOL. That made a big mess with bits of styrofoam sticking to the countertop, cabinets and carpet ... get out the vacuum (again!) Mark took the package to the post office and did a rescue mission for Anita & John. Apparently their Corvette wouldn't start outside the post office. John was about to call a tow truck when Mark came around. After looking under the hood, Mark tightened a battery cable ... and the car started. What a hero. (I was just about to phone Mark thinking maybe Da Mountie had crapped out on him! LOL

Sue and Wayne had a good travel day and stopped in Wisconsin Dells for the night. They've had good weather and good roads! Yay. 

Mark and I had happy hour on the front porch ... with Mark's homemade tomato & avocado dip ... and wine! The Scotties had ice cubes, celery and crackers! Fun stuff. We watched our big Hawks having a flight fight, or fun(?) and then capturing something in the grass. Oh well, we all have to eat. LOL

I started putting a verdigris finish on a brass floor lamp for the Sunroom. (There wasn't anything brass in that room ... so, away it goes!). 

Randy has his dental work done today ... so Mark called him "Toofus." Heehee. He was in a little "discomfort." Feel better Randy-man. 

So that's it for tonight. It's TV time ... 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday ... 5/22/16

Chirp chirp ... my Cardinals are calling ... two are in the feeder already! I'd better get the birdbaths cleaned and filled. (With the darn mosquitos nowadays, I empty and scrub the birdbaths daily.)

Mark cooked fried egg sandwiches for our Sunday breakfast ... and an egg for Beez & Robs to share. They sure have us trained! 

Sue and Wayne were up and on the road by 830. Now I can't say that they weren't in their PJ's, LOL, but they were moving! 

I redid two hallway gallery frames today ... cleaning and updating pictures. Some of the oldest removed were from 2003! Hmmm, maybe this job was overdue. LOL. I couldn't bear to put away my Pickerel Circle house ... too many great memories made there! 

Mark's job today was to trim seedpods from our palm trees. It sounds like a simple job, except they're about 40 feet tall now! It entails a ladder, a safety harness and rope. (It's supposed to be "my job" to haul the debris to the front street for Monday's pick up. However, since I can't even be trusted to walk on flat ashphalt, walking on uneven grass isn't in my future.) LOL Next stop will be Lowes to pick up a few supplies.

Rick and Ruth have taken possession of their condo in Kelowna, near Carrie & Brad's. We'll see how Rick enjoys condo living. For Ruth, it's a no-brainer. She's loves being very close to the grandchildren and keeps herself busy with a garden. Rick seems to enjoy projects but ... they don't close on the other property until November! (Brrr) 

I'm so happy to finish a few (ignored) tasks. One was curtain tie backs in our bedroom. The whole job was less than an hour, plus a week's procrastination. LOL 

Mark noticed the Sunroom A/C exhaust hose was split ... and pretty much fell apart when touched! So, it was off for supplies to repair that! (There's always something to fix!) We decided to eat out tonight ... and Olive Garden was on the way. Their salads are so fresh; and Mark loves the pasta fagiola soup. 

Sue and Wayne are staying at a Yogi Bear's Raintree Lake campground in Scottsburg, Indiana ... and it looks very nice & clean!
They're about halfway to their cottage now. They've apparently had good weather and good roads. 

Speaking of travel, Randy's on his way south for dental work. He'll stay with Greg and Sue (and catch up on news!) Dawn's having a Disney weekend with her sister and granddaughter. Fun. 

So it's time to shut down and relax ... damn! Pittsburgh just scored. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bowling ... 5/21/16

Hey hey hey it's a great day! The big storm swept through last night and it's a bright sunny morning! And ... Ancient Aliens is on again! I love seeing the ancient sights ...
The Mayan King Pacal returning home ... on his rocket ... as carved onto his sarcophagus lid a 1,000 years ago! Cool beaners!

Mark coughed so much last night that he tried to sleep sitting up ... again. He really got this cold socked in. (We didn't have any Zicam in the house when he noticed a dry throat ... drat.) He seems okay during the day!

So, we went bowling!
Quite the jazzy carpeting! We had two games; no earth-shaking scores, but we burned a calorie! 

At the alley, we saw a family of Sandhill Cranes. 
When I made a clicking noise, they started walking toward me! Yikes!
They're sure tall! I had a brief moment when I remembered auntie Jean's white geese chasing me at her farm in St. Vital, Winnipeg. LOL. (It was not a good memory!) 

On the drive home, Mark pulled over to help a tortoise cross the road. It was wildlife day! LOL

Haha. Speaking of "wildlife" ... Rod & Shay phoned ... and are coming for a few days visit August 11th. Yay! It's been more than 10 years since they've been here! 

Sue and Wayne arrived safely in Adairsville Georgia for the night. Traffic was heavy for them today, but otherwise, a good trip! 

Us? We just had a nice walk with the dogs, being cooler and breezy at this time of night (8ish). Now it's wine:30 and TV time with the kids. And you know that means snuggle-buggles! Ta Ta. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

F R I D A Y. 5/20/16

Good morning! It was a decent start to our day. Mark was feeling better ... Randy arrived about 9 with homemade veggie soup and snuggle-buggled his BeeZee girl. (Dawn was working.)
Bee's face is nestled into Uncle's neck! What sweethearts they are! Hee hee. After, Randy went to Dawn's house to paint!

About 11 o'clock, we took the Scotties for a drive to check on Mrs. R B at Paul's Marine.  She's stripped down and ready for the new carpet. 
Pretty grim looking right now, but Paul says she'll be ready by Thursday! Mark saw the new canvas tops were ready and the seats were inside the shop. The delay was removing excess glue from the original carpet lay. Grinding is needed, and in fact you can see the grinder on the deck. We want to boat with Bonnie & Roger! 

We arrived home to light rain and our weather radio blaring. Storms were all around, but missed us!  Now the sun is shining and it's a lovely 82. There's another round of storms coming in about nine tonight. Sue and Wayne decided to stay in Jacksonville tonight as their maintenance work wasn't finished until afternoon. No sense driving into rain! 

Mark and I had grand plans to bowl today. Neither of us could get going, so we just puttered around with a few chores. Tomorrow's another day! 

During our evening walk, a hawk flew over us with a dangling snake in its' talons! Yikes! 

Back home, I showered and put on my finest ... poured wine and sat at the kitchen bar to wait for burgers 'n fries. Mark thought it hilarious to take my picture ...
I'm "the condiment queen!" LOL. Yep! I own that name. (Where's the pickles?)

And here's the view from my side ...
My "Pizzazz" chef. Muah!

Tonight, there's a NASCAR race and hockey playoffs with our Florida Lightning ... plus Ancient Aliens. We'll be sipping wine and watching Telly with the kids! 
BeeZee is Mark's hat ... and Robbie's his lap warmer. Funny aren't they? Well, that was our day. 

Dawn's sister Robin arrives tomorrow for a quick visit. They're taking Makenna to Disney for Sunday & Monday. 

Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thirstday ... 5/19/16

Good morning y'all from Central Florida. It's a bit damp this morning, with showers expected later today! (Didn't happen!)

Mark slept in his recliner last night as he was feeling congested and headachy. Somewhere, he must have picked up a bug! DayQuil for him and Zicam for me. 

It looks like the gang met at Rose's cottage to check out Jim's spanking new Mazeratti. 
Donna wants to drive! LOL. Nice ride! We'll be there soon to check it out!

Sue and Wayne arrived in Jacksonville for RV maintenance on their Prevost but should be on their merry way tomorrow! We wish them a smooth drive and "happy travelers" to the cottage. LOL
Shorty Hot Pants and Wayne relaxing in their RV. 

Me? I met my friend Pat at the hospital and we had lunch with Nancy. (Nancy's husband Thomas is in the ICU. It was a tough visit, but she appreciated the diversion for an hour.) Thomas had lung cancer, half a lung removed and chemo.  Because of COPD, recovery has been most difficult. Time will tell. 

I was happy to arrive home and find that Mark was feeling much better than when I left. His headache had disappeared. Yay! 

Mark and I have a funny story to tell. Last week when Lew and Lynn came for happy hour, Lynn liked the sea green color we added to our sunroom. She mentioned at that time she wanted her teak pool furniture painted sea green! Lew roared, as only Lew can, "you don't paint teak!" LOL. 
This is the view from our patio. I do believe Lynn won! Bwahahaha. (Oops, sorry Lew.)

On the evening news, we saw a collapsed bridge and knew exactly where it was! Oklahoma City! They have the worst overpasses! Fortunately, no one was hurt!

Speaking of Oklahoma, Bonnie and Roger are into their kitchen overhaul project. The cabinets are being freshened with paint ...
but it looks like Mark and I missed a party! LOL. Damn! 
The lower cabinets will be teal ... gorgeous in their old Craftsman home! 
The shelf liner matches the lower paint color! (I wish we lived closer ... what a fun project!)

Well that's it for tonight. It's Wine:30 & TV:30. Ta Ta. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Eye Doc Day ... 5/18/16

Good morning! Poor Mark has a head cold ... and an appointment with his eye doctor. Yuck. 

It's luncheon day for me ... at Magnolia's!

We Harbor Shores gals carpooled to Magnolia's for our monthly luncheon. It's a good time to catch up with those we don't see on a daily basis! Grace, a gardener, gave me some tips for Randy on growing his tomatoes without using seven dust. That's huge, as aphids love tomato plants. Here's her instructions for a miracle ... huge, ripe, perfect tomatoes in Florida. First, she plants a tomato plant in a (cheap) pail with many holes cut in the sides of it. She adds plenty of compost around the tomato plant, then sprinkles Epson salts on top of the compost. The pail is then put into a hole and watered right to the top of the pail.  To control aphids, she sprays the plants as needed with a basil tea mix! Grace steeps basil in boiling water and let's it cool. Once cool, she strains it and puts the tea into a garden sprayer! Use the tea by spraying the plants as needed to control bugs! Cool, huh?

Mark had good eye pressures at the doctor today! Yay! No drops ... and no surgery; next appointment-6 months! Life is Good! Let's celebrate! (Okay, I had wine but he had DayQuil.) Wha wa waaa!

Our friend Jim has had a tough year and decided to treat himself ...
to a new Mazaratti to park by his new Timber Kings log home! Nice ride! Nice lodge! We're looking forward to seeing you next month Jim. 

Sue and Wayne are loading their coach for a big trip to Canada! (Every year they both say "nothing is going north" but yet two truckloads were packed!) LOL. We do the same thing. Hahaha. 

Mark finished the boathouse repairs ... here's the "before" 
following our boathouse fire. 

And the "after" ...
Nice job! Thank you Marky! Muah!!!

Tonight, Mark's snoozing on the sofa ... the doggies are playing with their kibble dispenser and I'm finishing this while watching the hockey playoffs. It's game 3 ... Go Bolts!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cloudy? 5/17/16

Hey! Where's our sunshine? BeeZee and Robbie BOTH refused to step out the back door this morning ... because the stones were wet. Whaaaat? What happened to our adventurous girl? She developed all Robbie-dog's naughty behaviors. LOL

It was a busy house by 830 this morning. Ha ha. Randy arrived to pick up Mark for another day of painting at Dawn's house. Then Lew popped in delivering a few things Mark agreed to store while his grandchildren are visiting ... for two weeks. We all had a laugh at the idea of Lew being run ragged by 13 and 14-year-old grandsons! It's a good thing they have a pool and a boat. That's a good start on the entertainment.

While Mark was working, I went to Walgreens for a dozen items we needed. Usually when I leave, I give the kids a cookie and then go. Today, Robbie was lying upside down and Belize right beside him. Because they just had a cookie for coming inside a few minutes before, I thought I'd try and sneak out without giving them one. I was sure it was going to be a problem. Was I ever surprised when it wasn't!!! Robbie didn't even look up at me, and Belize looked quickly at him to see his reaction, and put her head back down. What a little copycat she is. Haha. 

Speaking of doggies, Sue and I were on the phone when she mentioned taking Julius in for grooming tomorrow. She thought he was deaf, but apparently it is male-selective-hearing. He lifted up his head and looked right at her! Ah-ha! Julius is just like his daddy Wayne. LOL. 

Mark and Randy arrived home about 330 having run out of paint. Perfect. Mark isn't feeling very well; perhaps coming down with a cold. He's taking Zicam and DayQuil to get over it fast. 

As you can see, we've had rain since 6 o'clock ... and yes, we've been enjoying it! 

Our pals in South Florida, Roddy & Shay , said they'd had their weather radio blasting all day. They hope to come visit us soon! 

That's it for today! Ta Ta. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Chirp chirp ... 5/16/16

Yes, it's a front porch sittin' morning with my Scotties. The air feels damp; perhaps rain later? I had two Ebay packages to wrap having sold 4 lace curtain panels and a downrigger weight. Cool eh? Mark slept in til 9:15 ... lucky guy. 

After dropping off 3 pictures, one a limited Eileen Seitz print, at our humane society store, Mark found a nice (big) file for the dogs nails. There's always something at that store that you just can't live without. LOL

Our Oklahoma friend Timichael checked in with us last night. He's had just enough work to keep his head above water while he (patiently) waits for "the courts" to do their division of property in his divorce settlement. Apparently, these things take time. We certainly hope he gets a settlement by July! His is a very unfair case!

Happy hour on the porch required the fan on! Rain is moving in from South Florida ... and increasing our humidity. (We need rain!) The heat is on ... we're expecting afternoon highs of 90 with thunderstorms all week long. 

and Robbie's cooling off. LOL (His daddy Rebel was a show-off too!)

Bonnie and Roger had their wee beasties out for a romp in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

It's just about 2 weeks until they'll all be here visiting! That's Hana (Belize's pup), Chief, Ella & Cabby (Belize's brother.)  oh it's going to be FUN!

We had a half hour of light rain this evening ... enough to cool it down. That's it for tonight. We're watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. Our Florida team is playing! Go Lightening!