Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th ... 2016

Ha ha. I loved Mad Magazine when I was a kid. Maybe I still do?

Well, it was a very warm start to our day with 90 forecast later. Mark walked the dogs early before the pavement got too hot while I tidied the kitchen and did a few chores.

I suggested bowling today but Mark's hands are aching. So, we decided it was going to be a laid-back attitude ... no schedule until 4:30's happy hour! 

We invited Lew 'n Lynn for happy hour and put out lots of snacks 'n wine. It was fun to hear about their interest in a 2nd "summer property" near their grandkids in upstate New York. Afterwards, we decided on Stavros for dinner! It was great tonight. 

Now at home, it's relaxing time with the kids in front of the TV. Like I said, a laid-back day. LOL

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