Monday, May 2, 2016

Toofus Day ... 5/2/16

Good morning! It's a bright, beautiful start to our day! First up ... a trip to Dr. Pruitt for our dental cleanings. This is the first time that I don't have to premedicate ... it's more than 3 years since my last knee replacement surgery. Yay; no antibiotic belly ache. (It was good news from the dentist ... all's well ... he'll see us in 6 months!)

Funny, nothing shows on weather radar, but it's raining! Lew and Lynn arrived home from their New York family visit ... and as per normal, Lynn got sick! Speaking of sick, Dawn's under the weather with a terrible cough. Too bad she had to go to work today! Randy is feeling fine ... maybe Dawn's cough is allergy?

Mark made Mom's spaghetti sauce today and it was very good! (I knew it was the real thing when I cleaned the stovetop later.) LOL

Next time, a double batch ... maybe in the crockpot? 

Our boathouse aluminum was delivered today ... tomorrow will be a full work day for our Simplex guys. (THEY are on the ball whereas still no phone call approval from St. John's (home) Insurance!) What's with that? I will be on the phone AGAIN tomorrow to St. John's!

Tonight, Mark is stripping the Scotties coats while we watch the news. Rain is forecast (100%) by midnight. It was 90 this afternoon so thunderstorms will be a welcome relief ... and usher in cooler mornings by the weekend. Ta Ta. 

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