Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mrs R B's Day ... 5/26/16

Good morning! Well THAT was a crazy night. A smoke detector battery chose the wee hours to drain down ... with an intermittent beep and voice! (Did I hear something?) Mark must have heard it later as I found him asleep on the sofa and the smoke detector, batteries out, on the kitchen counter. 

Mark has had a terrible cough for the past 10 days. I suggested he go to the walk-in clinic and it's a good thing he did. He has bronchitis! Armed with antibiotics, cough medicine and prednisone, he should be feeling better in a day or two! 

At 12:30, I left for Pat's game day. Well it was a blast. It doesn't matter what games we play, we just have fun. The first one was left center right, a dice game. Then, we play Mexican dominoes. We were also busy talking, we couldn't remember whose turn it was. LOL

While I had a good time, Randy helped Mark pick up our boat at PAUL'S Marine ... and it looks fabulous! They launched, brought the boat home ... then hauled our empty boat trailer to Randy's spare lot for storage. (Nice!) You can bet there'll be a ride with the doggies tomorrow morning! 

I heard about 1 o'clock that Sue and Wayne arrived at their cottage ... it's their official summer kickoff. They have lovely weather for organizing ... and a dinner invite at Rose's. Enjoy! 

This is The latest picture of Jim's lodge!
I'm just sorry we won't get to see it this summer! Magnificent!

Tomorrow, we're invited to a pool party ... and then on Saturday to see a friend sing (in a band) at Hurricane's. Sunday will be tidy up day for Bonnie and Roger arriving on Memorial Day. Yay. 

That's it for tonight! Ta Ta. 

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