Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Aroooo ... 5/31/16

Good morning. It's nearly 8 o'clock and Bonnie and Roger are still asleep. Mark got all their dogs out back for business and back in their crates. (We are up early as Mark has a doctor appointment.) 

Our plans today include a boat ride through the Dora Canal and lunch somewhere on the water! 

BeeZee and Roger (she loves Roger!)

It was a perfect day on the water. We cruised Lake Eustis ... through the Dora Canal to Lake Dora ... and lunch at O'Keefe's.

Cruising ... 

Lunch at O'Keefe's ... 

Then a cruise down the Dead River ... and home to cool down and watch Ancient Aliens. We had Cabbie, Ella & Percy watching TV plus Robbie & BeeZee. The puppies had to stay in their pens. :-(

At 6 we left for a drive to Mount Dora ... and drinks at Pisces Rising. It was a very calm day ... 90 degrees. 

Pisces Rising's party deck. 

Then ... Mexican dinner!
We ate and drank ... and were the last to leave! LOL

Back home it was dog fun time! The kids got romp time while we 4 played a half game of Mexican Dominos ... and enjoyed Black & White Scotch!

It's now 12:30 and we're watching Ancient Aliens before everyone turns in for the night. (It was a fun-filled day!) 

Ta Ta til morning. 

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