Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bowling 101 ... 5/28/16

Happy Birthday to Mark's cousin Don Rogers in Newburyport! 

Good day! Well it was a cold shower start  for me. Mark checked our water heater and discovered the pilot light was out. Something must have crawled in there ... maybe a mouse? That fixed, it was time to tackle the guest room ceiling fan! It was stuck on high. Since it wasn't repairable, we headed to Home Depot for a new one ... NO more remote control fans! They don't last. Simple is best, apparently. 

After shopping, we went bowling with my new ball. The ball was good, me, not so much. LOL. Both Mark and I each had one good game out of two. At least we got out and burned a calorie. Tonight, we are going to Hurricanes with Randy and Dawn and a few friends from the neighborhood to see Meredith sing in the Eustis Station Band. 

Dang! Missed a turkey by "this much"!

This afternoon, Mark installed the new guest room fan. It looks great, and works! Randy and Dawn arrived about 5 o'clock for cocktails before we all went to Hurricanes for dinner. We met Rose, Jim, Pat, Ann, Lew & Lynn ... and the drinks flowed. Meredith's band "Eustis Station" plays old rock 'n roll and blues. It was really fun. Everyone's food was good ... I had the Philly Cheesesteak (yummy) while Mark had a Cuban Sandwich with chips (wow)!  We cheered and the band favored us with 2 more songs! Perhaps I yeehawed once too many .., And the cops arrived to "shut the place down for noise!" LOL. 

Meredith's group ... Eustis Station!

Having fun (and my best pic ever!) LOL

Rose and Jim ... having fun!

Back home, the doggies were happy to see us and ready to get outside! 

So that was our fun! Ta Ta. 

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