Friday, May 20, 2016

F R I D A Y. 5/20/16

Good morning! It was a decent start to our day. Mark was feeling better ... Randy arrived about 9 with homemade veggie soup and snuggle-buggled his BeeZee girl. (Dawn was working.)
Bee's face is nestled into Uncle's neck! What sweethearts they are! Hee hee. After, Randy went to Dawn's house to paint!

About 11 o'clock, we took the Scotties for a drive to check on Mrs. R B at Paul's Marine.  She's stripped down and ready for the new carpet. 
Pretty grim looking right now, but Paul says she'll be ready by Thursday! Mark saw the new canvas tops were ready and the seats were inside the shop. The delay was removing excess glue from the original carpet lay. Grinding is needed, and in fact you can see the grinder on the deck. We want to boat with Bonnie & Roger! 

We arrived home to light rain and our weather radio blaring. Storms were all around, but missed us!  Now the sun is shining and it's a lovely 82. There's another round of storms coming in about nine tonight. Sue and Wayne decided to stay in Jacksonville tonight as their maintenance work wasn't finished until afternoon. No sense driving into rain! 

Mark and I had grand plans to bowl today. Neither of us could get going, so we just puttered around with a few chores. Tomorrow's another day! 

During our evening walk, a hawk flew over us with a dangling snake in its' talons! Yikes! 

Back home, I showered and put on my finest ... poured wine and sat at the kitchen bar to wait for burgers 'n fries. Mark thought it hilarious to take my picture ...
I'm "the condiment queen!" LOL. Yep! I own that name. (Where's the pickles?)

And here's the view from my side ...
My "Pizzazz" chef. Muah!

Tonight, there's a NASCAR race and hockey playoffs with our Florida Lightning ... plus Ancient Aliens. We'll be sipping wine and watching Telly with the kids! 
BeeZee is Mark's hat ... and Robbie's his lap warmer. Funny aren't they? Well, that was our day. 

Dawn's sister Robin arrives tomorrow for a quick visit. They're taking Makenna to Disney for Sunday & Monday. 

Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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