Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Date Night ... 5/25/16

Good morning! It's going to be a day of odds and sods. LOL. Oh, there's the usual household chores ... and then a curve ball. We're getting an estimate on repairing a settling crack in our Sunroom. Fairbanks Construction of Ocala poured an 8" slab ... concrete and fiberglass after compacting the soil. The only "if and or but" was a large water oak tree removed and the stump was ground. According to Fairbanks, that isn't part of their lifetime warranty. To be fair, they did construct our sunroom 10 years ago. The ceramic tile floor cracked this year, and spread lengthwise. Fairbanks representative, Rick, thought it may have been a tree root that finally rotted and undermined the stability of the 8 inch slab. So, before we opt to lay a new floor we need to see that everything is stable. Fairbanks suggested we call in another company, at our expense. So, today we are getting an estimate from LRE. I don't want to sound like sour grapes, but I think the slab is part of the addition, and therefore should be covered. But, like Fairbank's representative said, it has been 10 years. *** LRE recommended gutters on the side of the Sunroom as soil has been washing away! *** :-)

Did I mention I ordered a new bowling ball for myself? Since my fall in early April, my wrist has not been able to handle my 10 pound bowling ball. So, not to be left out of the action, I ordered an 8 pounder!
Purdy! Isn't it! I was using the house 8 lb. at Breakpoint but hated sticking my fingers into grubby bowling balls! It just freaked me out. Haha. The other problem was I couldn't find the ball I previously used. They were all jumbled up. 

Did I mention that properties have been selling in our neighborhood? Three new homes are being built on vacant lots. And, the foreclosure property across the street seems to be attracting some interest. It has potential, but will take a lot of elbow grease and handyman know how! If it was 15 years ago, Mark and I would be interested in the challenge. But, since we have our home all lovely and finished the way we like it, we are no longer interested. But darn, we do like a challenge. Hmmm ...

Tonight, Mark and I are going with Pat and Ken for date night. We thought we would introduce them to Tiki West, a favorite of ours and Randy and Dawn's. Unfortunately, Dawn is working ... but one of these nights, we will do a three couples date night! Ha! (Their onion soup was fantastic!) Afterward, we walked to the Sandbar for a drink, beckoned by live music. It was a gorgeous breezy evening. 

There's no such thing as too much fun. LOL

Sue and Wayne arrived in Canada today! Here's hoping it's a summer with fine weather for them. Us? We'll be home ... maybe a few RV trips here and there; but we'll enjoy ourselves. There's always "next year!" Maybe "The western USA with National Parks" enroute to Canada? 

Back home ... it's snuggle time with our Scotties! Ta Ta. 

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