Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mid-May Bowling ... 5/15/16

Good morning. Mark was up first and had my craft room organizer moved and rehung before I was fully awake! Nice. What a great husband I have! Muah!

After our chores were done, we decided to go bowl two games. Break Point  Lanes has been renovating, bit by bit for some time. We were happy to see the new carpeting! 

Yowee! It's going to be wild on black-light Saturday nights! Fun! 

Mark worked on his form today ... 
and wow, look at that action! Damn, he burned a calorie! LOL
Actually, Marky had 4 strikes in a row! He wound up with a 223! Schweet!!!
Me? Oh well ... maybe next time. Haha. 

On the way home from bowling, we stopped at Pet Supermarket and bought the doggies some rawhides. It isn't easy to buy 100% beef rawhides made in the USA! You think it would be easy, right? There are quite a few that say they are USA beef, but assembled in other countries. (Why?) Well, there was one package in that store; two 8" rawhides, for about $8 dollars with tax. Mark allowed BeeZee and Robbie about 20 minutes chew time, then took them away. They're intended to be just a treat. 

RanDawn are coming for drinks at 5ish and then onto Stavros afterwards for dinner. We love eating there ... you always know what you're going to get ... good food at a fair price! And it's nice they all know us. 

Dinner was great ... as usual, we had lots of laughs! Randy and Dawn make a great couple! 

Now it's Scottie grooming and snuggle-buggle time. Ta Ta. 

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