Thursday, May 12, 2016

eBay ... 5/12/16

Good morning. I think it's going to be a very warm day. Mark left at 8:30 with Randy to work at Dawn's house again! There seems to be an end in sight, as Mark is now rolling the paint inside! Randy has the tougher job of cutting in. Oh well, I know they'll have some laughs today.

Randy's friend showed up for lunch today. Cute, eh?

Meanwhile, I have phone calls to make, photos to take, (for eBay listings) and donations for our Humane Society store.

After walking the dogs, individually, for my safety, I discovered it is lovely outside. Just 84° and cloudy! Who knew. LOL. I've been so busy inside both yesterday and today.

Mark and Randy came in at 4:30 ready for a cold one ... then Lew arrived with a glass of wine in hand. It had the makings of a party! We heard Dawn has a contract on her house ... IF all goes well, a June 30th closing! The buyer is utilizing a "first time buyer" program through the USDA. 

We Googled it ... and it sounds like a good program. Here's hoping all goes well on her deal. 

It was grooming night for BeeZee and Robs while we watched Nashville, Castle, Blacklist and Alone. Ta Ta. 

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