Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Slow Poke Insurance - 5/3/16

Good morning! Mark and Randy are off to Dawn's house for another day of work. I began my day, after the kids were fed, watered and walked, with a phone call to Paul Sanderson at St. John's. He said Stephanie Bembinster's fire claim report "came in overnight" and that he would review it and call me later. (Our fire was April 17; Stephanie was here April 20 ... it's a long time for St. John's to be waiting for her report.)

Afternoon fun in the sun chasing lizards!
Belize was very patient to watch for movement. Robbie listens for the lizards to run. What a team! 

Meanwhile, Simplex Aluminum arrived by 830  and replaced the pans and finished up their repair portion. They do terrific work, and are very easy to deal with. (Belize thinks they are the enemy however! When the guys walked alongside the Sunroom, she ran to that end and threw herself against the window!) By 1 o'clock, Simplex was done, tidied up and on their way to their next job! Kudos! Thanks guys!

Mark and Randy came in about 4 o'clock, tired and hot from working at Dawn's. Just then, Paul from St. John's phoned with approval of our fire claim. Yahoo! Now we can get jiggy with the rest of the needed repairs! The check's in the mail. 

Mark repaired the back deck rail at Dawn's today. 
It looks like Randy has more painting to do. LOL

Tomorrow, a Fairbanks Construction rep will be over to look at our Sunroom needs. Finally, things are moving along for us.

That's it ... a good Tuesday!

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