Sunday, May 8, 2016

Puttering ... 5/8/16

It's a lazy start to our Sunday. BeeZee and Robs enjoyed an hour's snuggle time on our bed this morning. Now it's front porch sitting while Mark cooks up this week's batch of their tasty food (extras ... Broccoli florets, chicken and brown rice ... yum!

It's Mother's Day ...
and my sweet Scotties gave me kisses! Awwww.  (This poor guy has a gummy smile!) LOL

Well, I kept myself busy hanging new aqua colored curtains in our bedroom. They replaced the odds 'n sods I'd hung 3 years ago. (Ebay here we are ... I'll be listing 3 sets of panels!) can you believe I fell off the step stool? Egad ... my feet got all tangled up trying to step down sideways, and I fell on the bed. LOL. 

Aqua=NEW ..... Brown=Old. (I bought a couple of new paintings ... one for the living room and one for the bedroom. It created Ronald Reagan's trickle down theory. LOL. 
I guess you can't see much in that picture, but, hey, we like 'em. 

Randy stopped in after dropping Dawn off at work today. We had a good gab ... and the doggies got their snuggles! BeeZee jumps into his arms! Randy worked on Dawn's place both Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow, they have a possible "showing." (Fingers crossed!)

Mark worked on the boat house project this afternoon, after hanging a new doorbell in the hallway and mermaid over the mirror in the Sunroom. Those were 2 honey do projects ... then he began outside about 3 o'clock. 
He's been working hard ... and his hands are feeling pretty sore! Tomorrow, he'll cut the pickets down to size. It's coming along; nearly ready for paint!

The rest of today got away on us. It's now 10 o'clock and doggie snuggle time. Ta Ta. 

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