Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Game Day - 5/10/16

Good morning! It's an overcast one but still worthy of the front door open! First call of the day is to our vet's office for Robbie. Poor guy had a FLAREUP of his skin condition. (Mark thinks I may have caused it with Glade carpet cleaner!) Also, we quit giving him Claritin about a week ago as allergy season is over, we thought. Regardless, it's off to the vet for him and it was a sleepless night for me. Waa waaa. 

I was busy listing a few things for sale on eBay when a sundress sold. Yay. Then, FedEx arrived with the painting I bought for our bedroom. Although it needs to be hung, here it is ...

Of course, this led to a game of "musical chairs" with paintings moving about. LOL

At 1 o'clock, I went to Elaine's for game day. There were 12 of us all yakking, drinking wine, eating lunch and carrying on ... and then the games began. Six played Scattergories (a thinking game) ... and 4 played 10,000. But Carin (below) wasn't into either game ... so I suggested we switch to Rummikube, which she liked.

While I was at game day, Mark and Robbie went to the vet. Our vet felt that Robbie's sores were caused by flea bites. Mark assured her that he had Frontline Plus on, but she said it's not very effective anymore. Poor Robs. They came home with antibiotics and a sample  of Nextgard. (Whew! It's expensive!) Let's see if it works before we order the supply. 

Sue had a good game of bowling today ... in fact, the girls were on fire, as Sue said.

Here's Carol, picking up a spare. (We haven't been bowling as much as usual because Dawn has tennis elbow.) 

Tomorrow, Mark is meeting Randy at Dawn's house for a half day of work. I am working on eBay listings again. Then tomorrow night, we were going to dinner with some friends from our neighborhood.

Ta Ta. It's TV & Scottie snuggle time. 

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