Saturday, May 14, 2016

Boathouse Paint ... 5-14-16

Good morning from sunny Central Florida. It was a good start to our day ... the kids had their walk before it got too hot on the pavement. (That's our summer program, ha ha.)

Mark began painting Kilz on the boathouse (new) fence panels. There's still plenty to do in the boathouse before Mrs. R B arrives home, hopefully next week! We sure miss jumping in the boat for an afternoon ride. And, so do the Scotties. :-(

My hand and ankle have finally healed 100% and it's time to get crazy bowling again. Unfortunately, Dawn's elbow is still bothering her. I think she's going to need acupuncture to get over it. (But she's "skeerd!") Did I tell you she and Randy are in Tampa for the weekend? Randy is apparently scoping out tiki bars, while Dawn is updating her business license. (I don't miss attending those real estate courses and Mark doesn't miss updating his elevator constructor license either.)


Sue and Wayne are busy prepping for their cottage trip about the 20th. I wish we were traveling with them, but doctor appointments say otherwise this year. Oh well ... we'll get in the swing of things once we get to Canada ... sometime in June. We plan to be in Winnipeg for our friends Les and Lynne's 50th anniversary party! Whoo-hoo! That's a biggie! Their son and daughter-in-law are hosting at their home on Henderson Highway! They've been updating an early 1900s riverfront home and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Diane phoned about 3:30. She and Kris are at The Villages house for the weekend ... so we made plans to meet at Ichiban for supper about 6 o'clock. 

Back home by 8:30, we had a great visit and good dinner. Kris was terribly sore from working too hard. He could hardly walk after tiling a large room for friends of theirs. (Diane looked great!) They've been hectic at Georgia Boys with May being their busiest time of year! 

Sue and Wayne went to dinner with friends Pat and Derek at Seawatch. It's been awhile since we've seen them! 

So that's it for our day. Ta Ta. 

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