Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thirstday ... 5/19/16

Good morning y'all from Central Florida. It's a bit damp this morning, with showers expected later today! (Didn't happen!)

Mark slept in his recliner last night as he was feeling congested and headachy. Somewhere, he must have picked up a bug! DayQuil for him and Zicam for me. 

It looks like the gang met at Rose's cottage to check out Jim's spanking new Mazeratti. 
Donna wants to drive! LOL. Nice ride! We'll be there soon to check it out!

Sue and Wayne arrived in Jacksonville for RV maintenance on their Prevost but should be on their merry way tomorrow! We wish them a smooth drive and "happy travelers" to the cottage. LOL
Shorty Hot Pants and Wayne relaxing in their RV. 

Me? I met my friend Pat at the hospital and we had lunch with Nancy. (Nancy's husband Thomas is in the ICU. It was a tough visit, but she appreciated the diversion for an hour.) Thomas had lung cancer, half a lung removed and chemo.  Because of COPD, recovery has been most difficult. Time will tell. 

I was happy to arrive home and find that Mark was feeling much better than when I left. His headache had disappeared. Yay! 

Mark and I have a funny story to tell. Last week when Lew and Lynn came for happy hour, Lynn liked the sea green color we added to our sunroom. She mentioned at that time she wanted her teak pool furniture painted sea green! Lew roared, as only Lew can, "you don't paint teak!" LOL. 
This is the view from our patio. I do believe Lynn won! Bwahahaha. (Oops, sorry Lew.)

On the evening news, we saw a collapsed bridge and knew exactly where it was! Oklahoma City! They have the worst overpasses! Fortunately, no one was hurt!

Speaking of Oklahoma, Bonnie and Roger are into their kitchen overhaul project. The cabinets are being freshened with paint ...
but it looks like Mark and I missed a party! LOL. Damn! 
The lower cabinets will be teal ... gorgeous in their old Craftsman home! 
The shelf liner matches the lower paint color! (I wish we lived closer ... what a fun project!)

Well that's it for tonight. It's Wine:30 & TV:30. Ta Ta. 

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