Monday, May 9, 2016

Painting ... 5/9/16

Good morning. It's a bright beautiful sunshiny day and we're off to run errands. 

First we checkled on Mrs. R B's progress at PAUL'S Marine. Everything's on order! Perhaps, next week it will be done.

Next, we stopped at Simplex and paid our boathouse repair bill, then it was onto Wally for a security camera ... that, too, was lost in the fire! I always have to giggle when the clerk at Walmart says "did you find everything you were looking for?" And I always have to say, yes and lots more! LOL. 

We were home in time for lunch with the Scotties then re-organized and began painting. Two walls in the living room are being painted pale sage. Mark worked on the boathouse, cutting off the fence slats to the correct height, and then began painting them 

About 3:30 Randy & Dawn stopped over on their way to a second showing on Dawn's house. Here's hoping ...

Then, we met them at Ichi Ban for a good feast! We caught up on TV shows we all watch but couldn't recall last week's Blacklist. Randy wondered if he slept through it. Dawn didn't remember what it was about. Mark tried refreshing them, but no luck. Afterward dinner we all came home to watch Blacklist. Maybe we'll remember ... 

LOL. We watched the Blacklist that RanDawn missed ... then started on the one Mark 'n I missed ... then we all laughed when Dawn said WE SAW THAT RANDY! Haha. No wonder Mark's describing at the restaurant wasn't jiving with what Randy and Dawn had seen!!! We both missed seeing Blacklist one week, but different weeks. LOL. Mass confusion. 

Now, Randy and Dawn have headed home on the motorcycle before the bugs are out. Mark and I sat down to watch the show that we missed. So Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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