Saturday, May 7, 2016

Derby Day ... 5/7/16

And they're off ... We're going to a Kentucky Derby party today at Pat & Ken's home. FUN! 
Who said redheads shouldn't wear pink? (My mother!) LOL

It's a gorgeous day with a high forecast of 81°. We'll take it, along with low humidity. It's been a fantastic spring! If the Kentucky Derby party is outside today, we will still be very comfortable.

Mark has been shopping to replace his leaf blower and heavy duty extension cord. Our repairs continue ... much to be done yet!

Pat's party was fun. Most of the ladies had derby hats ... and one of the guys!
Carin, sporting a fetching hat ... although it proved to be too heavy for long term wear. LOL

Even Lew enjoyed wearing a frothy hat. 
Lovely Lew. Haha. 

Pat and Ken have a nice English Springer Spaniel and are looking after Ken's mother's Boston Terrier, Zelda. 
Zelda liked Mark! I sent this picture to Randy ... he loves Boston Terriers! 

There were many delicious foods ... and our Texas Caviar was a big hit. What amazed me was the delicious ham that Pat prepared ... from Publix! Hey, I won $95 on the race pool. Yippee. 

Mark went home at 5:30 to feed and walk the kids, then came back for the big race. It was a fun day!

Sue and Wayne went to the Elks with Carol, Jack, Margie and Les for dancing. It's too bad we don't live closer. Alas. 

Back home, it was snuggles and TV with the kids. Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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