Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday ... 5/22/16

Chirp chirp ... my Cardinals are calling ... two are in the feeder already! I'd better get the birdbaths cleaned and filled. (With the darn mosquitos nowadays, I empty and scrub the birdbaths daily.)

Mark cooked fried egg sandwiches for our Sunday breakfast ... and an egg for Beez & Robs to share. They sure have us trained! 

Sue and Wayne were up and on the road by 830. Now I can't say that they weren't in their PJ's, LOL, but they were moving! 

I redid two hallway gallery frames today ... cleaning and updating pictures. Some of the oldest removed were from 2003! Hmmm, maybe this job was overdue. LOL. I couldn't bear to put away my Pickerel Circle house ... too many great memories made there! 

Mark's job today was to trim seedpods from our palm trees. It sounds like a simple job, except they're about 40 feet tall now! It entails a ladder, a safety harness and rope. (It's supposed to be "my job" to haul the debris to the front street for Monday's pick up. However, since I can't even be trusted to walk on flat ashphalt, walking on uneven grass isn't in my future.) LOL Next stop will be Lowes to pick up a few supplies.

Rick and Ruth have taken possession of their condo in Kelowna, near Carrie & Brad's. We'll see how Rick enjoys condo living. For Ruth, it's a no-brainer. She's loves being very close to the grandchildren and keeps herself busy with a garden. Rick seems to enjoy projects but ... they don't close on the other property until November! (Brrr) 

I'm so happy to finish a few (ignored) tasks. One was curtain tie backs in our bedroom. The whole job was less than an hour, plus a week's procrastination. LOL 

Mark noticed the Sunroom A/C exhaust hose was split ... and pretty much fell apart when touched! So, it was off for supplies to repair that! (There's always something to fix!) We decided to eat out tonight ... and Olive Garden was on the way. Their salads are so fresh; and Mark loves the pasta fagiola soup. 

Sue and Wayne are staying at a Yogi Bear's Raintree Lake campground in Scottsburg, Indiana ... and it looks very nice & clean!
They're about halfway to their cottage now. They've apparently had good weather and good roads. 

Speaking of travel, Randy's on his way south for dental work. He'll stay with Greg and Sue (and catch up on news!) Dawn's having a Disney weekend with her sister and granddaughter. Fun. 

So it's time to shut down and relax ... damn! Pittsburgh just scored. 

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