Monday, May 16, 2016

Chirp chirp ... 5/16/16

Yes, it's a front porch sittin' morning with my Scotties. The air feels damp; perhaps rain later? I had two Ebay packages to wrap having sold 4 lace curtain panels and a downrigger weight. Cool eh? Mark slept in til 9:15 ... lucky guy. 

After dropping off 3 pictures, one a limited Eileen Seitz print, at our humane society store, Mark found a nice (big) file for the dogs nails. There's always something at that store that you just can't live without. LOL

Our Oklahoma friend Timichael checked in with us last night. He's had just enough work to keep his head above water while he (patiently) waits for "the courts" to do their division of property in his divorce settlement. Apparently, these things take time. We certainly hope he gets a settlement by July! His is a very unfair case!

Happy hour on the porch required the fan on! Rain is moving in from South Florida ... and increasing our humidity. (We need rain!) The heat is on ... we're expecting afternoon highs of 90 with thunderstorms all week long. 

and Robbie's cooling off. LOL (His daddy Rebel was a show-off too!)

Bonnie and Roger had their wee beasties out for a romp in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

It's just about 2 weeks until they'll all be here visiting! That's Hana (Belize's pup), Chief, Ella & Cabby (Belize's brother.)  oh it's going to be FUN!

We had a half hour of light rain this evening ... enough to cool it down. That's it for tonight. We're watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. Our Florida team is playing! Go Lightening!

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