Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bowling ... 5/21/16

Hey hey hey it's a great day! The big storm swept through last night and it's a bright sunny morning! And ... Ancient Aliens is on again! I love seeing the ancient sights ...
The Mayan King Pacal returning home ... on his rocket ... as carved onto his sarcophagus lid a 1,000 years ago! Cool beaners!

Mark coughed so much last night that he tried to sleep sitting up ... again. He really got this cold socked in. (We didn't have any Zicam in the house when he noticed a dry throat ... drat.) He seems okay during the day!

So, we went bowling!
Quite the jazzy carpeting! We had two games; no earth-shaking scores, but we burned a calorie! 

At the alley, we saw a family of Sandhill Cranes. 
When I made a clicking noise, they started walking toward me! Yikes!
They're sure tall! I had a brief moment when I remembered auntie Jean's white geese chasing me at her farm in St. Vital, Winnipeg. LOL. (It was not a good memory!) 

On the drive home, Mark pulled over to help a tortoise cross the road. It was wildlife day! LOL

Haha. Speaking of "wildlife" ... Rod & Shay phoned ... and are coming for a few days visit August 11th. Yay! It's been more than 10 years since they've been here! 

Sue and Wayne arrived safely in Adairsville Georgia for the night. Traffic was heavy for them today, but otherwise, a good trip! 

Us? We just had a nice walk with the dogs, being cooler and breezy at this time of night (8ish). Now it's wine:30 and TV time with the kids. And you know that means snuggle-buggles! Ta Ta. 

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