Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco de Mayo 2016

Good morning. It's certainly cooled down overnight; we're in the 60 range with the front door open! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

What is Cinco de Mayo you may ask? It's not Mexican Independence Day. How ironic is it that most people celebrating have absolutely no idea what Cinco de Mayo is all about! Ha! This holiday is more about Mexican – American traditions and the US Civil War than it is about Mexico. Our neighbors south of the border in Mexico don't celebrate it the way we do in America!

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Battle of the Puebla on May 5, 1862 when 6000 French troops attacked the small town of Pueblo de Los Angeles. The Mexicans were outgunned and outnumbered by 3 to 1 yet they defeated Napoleon's troops during this battle. Refortified French troops eventually came back to win, but their initial defeat at Puebla had a big impact here in the United States. You see, Napoleon III was supporting the Confederacy (financially motivated) ... he wanted the slaves to keep supplying French textile mills with plenty of Southern cotton. When the news of the Battle of Pueblo reached Latinos living in what is now California, it invigorated them. The local Spanish-speaking were organized to fight alongside Union forces and, many historians say, this had a big role in the union's victory in the US Civil War. Since then, Cinco De Mayo has become a celebration of Mexican American heritage and an excuse to party. LOL. So, before you dip into your bowl of guacamole, raise your margarita glass and toast those brave Mexicans who may have changed the course of not just their own country, but ours. Happy Cinco de Mayo my friends.

Today, Mark and Lew will be celebrating with a bowl of venison chili while I visit at Alice's home with my peeps. 

This afternoon, I listed several new items on eBay that I have gathered up around the house, while Mark did some work on the boathouse project. It's a gorgeous day, but very windy.

(Mark and I were up early this morning for his 845 doctor appointment. Although we had to wait more than an hour, there was good news. Mark does not need a recheck for five years on his throat. Yay!)

Ya Ya's was great fun! We drank wine, ate baked beans & pork sliders followed by pistachio card. Yum! 

Alice was a good hostess ... and her back patio was perfect for a breezy, "cool" evening.

 Afterward, Lynn and I joined Lew and Mark at home. 

Lynn ... Bamboozled by Ya Ya's. LOL. WE GALS ARE HARD PARTIERS! Sandra thought a car was parked behind her ... NOPE. LOL

Well, that's it for now. Ta Ta til tomorrow!

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