Monday, May 23, 2016

Celebrating ... 5/23/16

Happy 29th Anniversary to Melanie & Alastair Tawns ... a beautiful union creating 6 fascinating cousins for me! Muah!

It was apparently a very windy day in 1987! (Watch that kilt Alastair!) 

Happy 60th Anniversary to Berks & Arlene Baker ... two wonderful family friends and Hollywood entertainers!

Married in 1956! Kudos! Party on! Muah!

Happy Birthday to Darlene Wingie Tawns (Gregg's widow), the first without him. Although Darlene was feeling sad, she spent the evening with daughter Crystal and Granddaughter Avery. 

We wish you peace and contentment ... we'll see you soon! Muah!

Here in Central Florida it was a busy start to our day. Mark repaired the Sunroom's A/C exhaust and put a new door sweep on the back door. (Lizards get in the smallest of spaces!) I cleaned window blinds and vacuumed lamp shades and furniture. None too glamorous! LOL

One $25 eBay sale had me bubble wrapping, styrofoaming and creating a box ... using an entire roll of packing tape in the process! LOL. That made a big mess with bits of styrofoam sticking to the countertop, cabinets and carpet ... get out the vacuum (again!) Mark took the package to the post office and did a rescue mission for Anita & John. Apparently their Corvette wouldn't start outside the post office. John was about to call a tow truck when Mark came around. After looking under the hood, Mark tightened a battery cable ... and the car started. What a hero. (I was just about to phone Mark thinking maybe Da Mountie had crapped out on him! LOL

Sue and Wayne had a good travel day and stopped in Wisconsin Dells for the night. They've had good weather and good roads! Yay. 

Mark and I had happy hour on the front porch ... with Mark's homemade tomato & avocado dip ... and wine! The Scotties had ice cubes, celery and crackers! Fun stuff. We watched our big Hawks having a flight fight, or fun(?) and then capturing something in the grass. Oh well, we all have to eat. LOL

I started putting a verdigris finish on a brass floor lamp for the Sunroom. (There wasn't anything brass in that room ... so, away it goes!). 

Randy has his dental work done today ... so Mark called him "Toofus." Heehee. He was in a little "discomfort." Feel better Randy-man. 

So that's it for tonight. It's TV time ... 

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