Monday, May 30, 2016

Some Gave All ... 5/30/16

Good morning from Central Florida where it's 70° this morning. 

The Sunroom division gate is up and ready for our Scottie dog fest. LOL. Our house is easy to divide into two separate areas because both bedrooms open on to the sunroom (as well as the hallway.) With a bit of luck, all the doggies will get along ... but it sure is good to have the gate.

Well, imagine my surprise when Bonnie texted me at nine this morning ... from Tallahassee! Sweet! That news got Mark up and chopping vegetables for tonight's turkey chili. LOL

Chief and Percy are ready for fun!
C'mon ... we gotta be at Auntie's house by now! Arooo 

Bonnie, Roger, Percy, Cabbie, Bella, Hana & Chief arrived about 230 ready to get out of the car. It took about an hour to set up their crates in the sunroom and get everyone settled in. We poured a happy hour drink by that time and started  re-introducing the dogs to Robbie and BeeZee. It all went very well, a few barks here and there, but overall very good.

Randy and Dawn arrived about 630 and joined us for a dinner of Caesar salad and turkey chili. Of course the one word and the conversation continued. About 1030 everyone was worn out and ready for bed!

Ta Ta. 

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