Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rain! ... 5/4/16

Good morning from Central Florida where our weather radio woke us at 6 a.m.  Alas, the storms raced across the peninsula south of us with gusty winds and hail. This time, WE got a little rain. The Scotties and I sat on our front porch and enjoyed it all. 
By week's end we'll have nights in the 50's. Wow. Nice. 

It wasn't a very exciting day, Mark worked in the backyard, while I spring cleaned the living room and moved the furniture around. 

Fairbanks Construction arrived and sealed the roof, plus checked our other problems. They have been a very good company to deal with. Our service rep, Ernest, said he would get back to us next week.

Randy and Dawn phoned about 3 o'clock and said they were coming over for happy hour! Great, we were ready for some company today! We sat at the sunroom bar for an hour, yakked and drank wine. Mark threw Randy under the bus (ba-bump) when he mentioned the delicious apple fritters they've been eating at Race Track (gas station) on their way to Dawn's house. LOL. Dawn didn't know anything about the Apple fritters, and thought Randy was doing very well on his fitness program!!! LOL

They were behind on a couple of Blacklist shows, so Mark put one on and we all watched ... along with chips and more drinks. About 7 o'clock, we decided on Tiki West for peel and eat shrimp $10 for a pound) and fries. The Sandbar, on Lake Dora, had good live music playing. We were tempted to walk down there for another drink, but Mark has a doctor appointment early in the morning. ;-( Next time!

Tonight, we're thinking about Jim and his doctor appointment tomorrow ... we hope all goes well for him. 

That's it for tonight. I hope your Wednesday date night was good! Ta Ta. 

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