Monday, June 27, 2016

A Dog Day ... June 27, 2016

Good morning. I was surprised by 73° when I took the kids outside at 7 o'clock. So, we sat on the front porch and waited for the squirrels.
Except for the birds, our neighborhood was silent. 

Mark took a drive to Randy's with Da Mountie to move a few trailers about on his extra lot. A big modular storage "shed" will be delivered sometime this week! It'll be a dandy job organizing and filling it.

Sue and I caught up on news today. They've had two full days of rain at the cottage with some areas getting 6 inches! While we were talking, a hummingbird hit their big front window. 
Wayne scooped up the bird and after 5 minutes it was able to fly away. 

Mostly, it was a putter day! We both went grocery shopping and arrived home, done for the day by 3 o'clock. Robbie needed his lip treated ... he rubbed it too enthusiastically on something and now has a sore spot. (Now yesterday's NASCAR race is on the Telly while Mark snoozes!) LOL, yep it's that exciting. Haha. 

Tonight, while walking our Scotties, we saw a neighbor's Beagle tearing around the 'hood. We've seen Cooper out before as he's a digger and escape artist. But also we saw him out at 1 o'clock! I went to their neighbor's ... and was told they're away for "a few days." WTF is wrong with people? I checked with another neighbor who said "I know nothing!" So, we got a pail of water and dog food and Mark drove down the street with it. In addition to the poor Beagle, there's a cat sitting in their backyard. I could call the Humane Society right away but will give these idiots a chance to straighten up. It's not going to be a social homecoming for them! Another neighbor made some phone calls and discovered the mother-in-law is "supposed to be" feeding the animals ... but it was already 8 pm and no one around! Grrrr ... they had no water in 90 heat! (If the dog was friendly we'd bring him home, but we can't catch him. Poor guy is only about 2 years old!) 
That's it for tonight. We'll feed him in the morning if there's no evidence of a bowl about the premises! 

Ta Ta til tomorrow!

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