Monday, June 13, 2016

DESSERTS ... June 13, 2016

Good morning y'all. Mark and I walked the Scotties at 9:30 before the shade was off the roadway. Its forecast to be 90 by 4 o'clock with rain later. Well okay then. 

We decided to call Randy to meet us at the bowling alley at 11:30. Mark was laughing when Randy said he couldn't go because he had laundry to do! (Dawn's at work today ... Randy is home.) Mark said if Randy didn't come, he would phone R's Harley buddies ... Randy is meeting us at 11:30 to bowl. Heehee. 

Bowling was FUN. In the 10th frame Mark told Randy he just needed 1 pin to tie me ... and, thanks to the power of suggestion, Randy threw a gutter ball that jumped out and got 1 pin! Hilarity ensued! Afterwards, we came home for lunch while Randy went shopping at Walmart. It was a much needed break in the day

Our wisteria needed bonemeal, so Mark took a bag out to spread around the base and on the base of our angels trumpet. Near the RV he found this ...
Yuck! Where's the big old corn snake this belonged to? I'm sure glad Mark found it; not me. 

On Facebook today, Matt's mother posted a few pictures and the one below was among them. 
It's redheaded Matt with two of his cousins. I told Cathy the story about Matt nagging me to color his hair red. Finally, I let him pick out what he wanted at Walmart and we proceeded the night before Halloween. Well, his hair was damaged from having swam in the pool all summer; I shouldn't have had him wash it beforehand. (Perhaps I should have read the instructions?) Anyway, when he got to school the next day with this bright shiny new head of hair, he was sent to the principals office along with another boy who had colored his hair green with Kool-Aid. The school office phoned me to ask if it was permanent like Matt told them it was. LOL. Great memories! Cathy said he wanted to look like his " otha motha."

Ta Ta. 

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