Monday, June 6, 2016

T.S. Colin ... June 6, 2016

Good morning from cloudy Central Florida. Our weather radio sounded four times during the night, but tropical storm Collin was still 24 hours away! What the "H" was with that? We had a few showers during the night, but nothing that required an alert. No wonder people unplug the damn things! Just sayin' ... LOL ... Apparently I woke up a little cranky; which is as rare as a Sasquatch.  

Two items sold on eBay totaling $50 ... cool! I packaged and then Mark took them to Cheri at our Grand Island Post Office. We're so happy she's back after her broken ankle rehab. (Michele was SO SLOW that we were driving to the Leesburg one just to avoid her! Really!)

Mark worked on his Sunroom project today and then, because it was a dreary day, we had a nap! Life is Good! Randy and Dawn called, and they had had a nap too. (It must be catching when it's cloudy in the Sunshine State.) We decided to meet at Guadalajara for Monday night's happy hour and dinner.

Since we drank dos Equis, we thought we should snuggle in with the world's most interesting man ...
After Mark took the picture, Randy realized that a little boy was standing there watching the hijinks. LOL. Ya just can't take us girls anywhere. Whoohoo! 

Randy ordered a bowl of chicken tortilla soup ... and it was huge. He really enjoyed it but had ordered guacamole salad too thinking the soup wouldn't be enough to fill him up. I think there was enough in there for two people. Everyone enjoyed their dinner, as usual.  Dawn's granddaughter Makenna had gotten an honor student award today and they attended her ceremony. (I think she's in grade one, and her 7th birthday is tomorrow.) Randy said the only honor he ever got at school was saying "yes your honor" to a judge. Ha ha

It's now 9 o'clock and Belize and I are sitting on the front porch while Mark and Robbie are in the recliner watching hockey on TV! Yes, Robbie does watch TV! BeeZee and I are enjoying the wind and 75° temperatures. There's a light rain, but so wonderful with everything blowing around in the dark. Yes, I love rain, but apparently so does BeeZee! Oops ... something rustled the bushes across the street. We were into the house quick fast. LOL

Ta Ta. 

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